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  1. Door Rattle Help

    So has anybody figured out a solution to that god forsaken rattle that shows up in the front passenger door?
  2. Wow
  3. Well this just happened...

    Driving past a lady at the gas station, and she decides to open her door without looking. Fled the scene and I had to track her down and call the police just to get her to give me her insurance info.:mad:
  4. Battery dead

    Anybody know why my battery would be dying? I had to jump it this morning, drove for about an hour, and then it sat for a couple hours and it's dead again. Also when I was driving it the tour mode was on by default, and when I adjusted the fan the LCD screen said it was off but it obviously...
  5. Trim polish

    What do you guys use to clean up the chrome trim around the windows?
  6. Forum update/changes?

    I logged in on my PC and the link to our forum is gone! There is only the regal (old) link?
  7. How many miles?

    I bet I've got you all beat!!! 2011 t07 w/ 53k!!!
  8. High leveling an amp...

    I know this has been discussed here before, but does anybody have any tips for high leveling a sub amp in our cars? Such as the best place to tap in?
  9. I want this grill!

    Anybody know if this is for sale? Or is it custom?
  10. No more ethanol!

    I just found a gas station that sells non ethanol premium! It's only a few miles from my house too :)
  11. Rear sway bar?

    I've looked but can't find anything. I know that our cars come with a rsb of some sort, but my research does not prove it to be very effective. On my past vehicles this was an essential mod for me because I found it to help tremendously. Has anybody seen anything available?
  12. Quick detailer

    Just an FYI, meguiars quick detailer isn't very quick when it's 30 degrees outside lol...
  13. Winter wheel size...

    Anybody know what size wheel/tire combo fits on our car?
  14. New to the forum

    Hey all- I'm new here, just bought a 2011 regal turbo a week ago. It's black carbon metallic, and upon a bunch of research I figured out its a t07!!! I love the car so far, especially after selling my PITA audi a4 to get it. My only question so far(I'm sure there will be more later) is how big...
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