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  1. GTPprix

    Opel/Vauxhall/Holden Infotainment Conversions (for those who were asking)

    So general info here and pics that may help you, still doing these on a custom basis but will work on getting a product for them on the site shortly. Also working on 2018.5-2020 applications as well...
  2. GTPprix

    2014-2018 Opel/Vauxhall/Holden Infotainment Conversions!

    Hey Gang, So we've had quite a few inquiries on this lately and wanted to get this out there while we add the actual offering to the website but yes we have been doing these on a custom basis for people for quite some time! The conversion includes all of the look and feel of the...
  3. GTPprix

    Uplevel / GS Turnkey Cluster Upgrade now available!

    Figured we should probably post this here as well as I know we've done a few of these for you guys where you sourced the cluster but we now have a supply chain for the units brand new with full warranty (or you can still supply a used unit if you'd like) 2014-2020 Uplevel / GS Cluster Upgrade...
  4. GTPprix

    WAMS is here! GS/Uplevel Cluster Upgrades, Car Play Upgrades, Increased Remote Start run time and TONS more!

    Hey Everyone! As a long time member, first time sponsor I wanted to give a brief introduction to some of the products and services we offer that may interest you. WAMS has been serving the automotive community for nearly twenty years in various forms however our main focus for the last 15 or...
  5. GTPprix

    2014+ Regal/Lacrosse Owners: Interest in Video in Motion/SMS Texting, full unlock etc

    First and foremost, this is not a sales pitch. None of this has been ported over to any Buicks yet however its a clean port with the same results. If there were enough interest (and pending final validation testing) we'd become a sponsor and offer this. That said is anyone interested in custom...
  6. GTPprix

    So who was the guy with 5th Gen Camaro Wheels on his Regal?

    Can't find the posts but I remember seeing them. I think I saw you on 696 this week; Silver Regal with Camaro wheels ;)
  7. GTPprix

    My custom radio programming muahhahahahah :D

    Figures the first one I do would be a Regal (stick no less!)
  8. GTPprix

    I'm back :) Picked up (and hacked) my 2013 Touring.

    Picked up my Atlantis Blue 2013 touring yesterday and I love it! Already dropped in some custom BCM programming for window roll down from the fob and 12 minute remote start runtime as well as added some functionality to the IPC. Also starting working on Intellilink since I finally have a testbed...
  9. GTPprix

    Any 2012 owners with Intellilink and a Backup camera

    Any of you guys have both? If so does the backup camera have the backup grid lines or not? :)
  10. GTPprix

    GS LED Markers at night for all! :)

    Apparently enough people complained because I got a release notice that I didn't open last month that states this is going to be pushed out as an FMVSS recall so you guys will be able to get it free from the dealer under warranty :) Hope I made someones day LOL
  11. GTPprix

    FS: 19" Regal GS Wheels/Tires

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I didnt see a classifieds section and I know a lot of people have been looking for these :) I've got a set of 19" GS wheels and tires that I had on my wifes lacrosse for 3300 miles. These include the wheels, tires (factory Goodyear RSA), center...
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