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  1. front grill for 12 buick gs Anyone kmow if we can get that style of grill in the usa
  2. 93 octane tune

    So I have the 93 octane tune. But the gas station that use to sell it no longer does. Anyways. I can get 92 octane and maybe little 110 would that be safe. It's leaded 110. And I hear it burns o2 sensors What your input - - - Updated - - -
  3. 12 regal. battery saver mode

    So I've been wiring up for a bigger radio. Around 2.5k Anyways I don't know if many of you have heard of the big 3. I did one ground straight to the alt case. Nothing else hooker up. And I've been having this message come up on my dic, "battery saver mode" I did notice that we do have a...
  4. werks downpipe

    Sooo I just received my down pipe from werks. Anyways I forgot to order a new turbo gasket. Can you bolt it right up still. Or should I order a gasket
  5. Issue!

    So tried to upload new 93 octane tune. Wasn't working. So I flashed stock tune on... Now won't even start or find my car. If someone could give me a call that'd be great. Idk what to do... - - - Updated - - - It says PCM or Tcm was detected
  6. Cams for the 2.0 turbo

    Where can you get a cam at. Do they make any with a lope. I'd kinda like to price them out.
  7. Trifecta tune

    I know there are a lot of people questioning getting the tune. I just received it last week and wow is there a difference. Even in lower rpm it pulls well up to highway speeds. I would really encourage you regal owners to get it if you want to wake these things up. Also our transmission...
  8. Gs replacement lights

    Kinda random question. Do the gs come with hid. And can I just replace the bulb with 8k. For the more blue look?
  9. cold air intake

    Just kinda a random post. But the zzp intake looks somewhat cheap to me for that kinda money. Has anyone tried the cobalt cold air intake on there Buick?? Knowing that its the same engine and all.
  10. Removing the res

    So I just did a muffler delete on my car and its somewhat loud. I was told by the local ship that the Res would be straight throfh or baffled. Just wanted to know if anyone has removed this and hear a change.
  11. Obd2 sender

    Well I just received my Bluetooth sender in the mail. So I went and drove around for about a half hour. So far it's nice to see timing advance all that. But my question is that I put a k&n filter and cut mufflers off, istill have the res. but I did a 4 gear pull and she made 22.3 pounds of...
  12. New GS owner

    Hey everyone I just bought a GS about month ago. Love it so far. All bells and whistles. And a 6 speed & black what I was looking for. I just wanted to know if anyone has put rain guards on them yet with tint.
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