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  1. The first Encore lease means the first Encore lease return

    Ours was the first Encore that out local dealer ever sold/ leased 16780 of 20K miles driven no problems of any kind 2 routine service appointment included with the lease love the included XM radio ... it's all we listen to now A superb long distance road trip vehicle ... wish I coulda...
  2. Gonna miss you Encore -- just a few more days

    The Mercedes dealer wasn't interested in what I wanted ... only selling me what he had
  3. Gonna miss you Encore -- just a few more days

    Well, the CLA250 didn't work out Mercedes just ain't serious about sellin' cars ..... so ... stopped by BMW on the way home and got this Guess I'll be joining an i3 forum next :headbang:
  4. Encore among top safety picks :headbang:
  5. 2015 Premium with 7-Spoke Wheels

    I don't know about wheel availability, but we were at the dealer for our near end lease return and saw some like these Just gorgeous! I wish ours had had these wheels :headbang:
  6. Merry Christmas !

  7. Tried to run outta gas - couldn't do it

    Wanted to see how far down I could go -- kinda like the classic Seinfeld episode The fuel range reads down to ~30 miles, then the DIC shows this: Continued driving produced this: and a series of 3 chimes I lost my gall and filled up before actually needing Onstar or AAA Does...
  8. Infotainment display recirculation icon oddity

    Notice that there's a picture of a car ... not the Encore? :headbang:
  9. Thanks ABS - you saved my BUTT

    Doin' some spirited driving ... no, this thing ain't slow Came into a corner hot and yikes! stopped traffic! Jam the pedal, full on, 4 wheel, modulated, non skid, computer optimized, brutal deceleration Steer around the obstacle with reasonable control while avoiding impact Thanks to...
  10. Super clean wheels

    The rear wheels got really dirty driving on the dry lake bed in Death Valley Got everything else on the vehicle immaculate but couldn't properly clean 'em without removal :headbang:
  11. Excess lease mileage dissolving mini adventure in Death Valley - 1200 miles in 2 days

    Averaged 28.7 mpg with lots of high, (very high) speed cruising on some of our nations most remote roads The little Encore performed flawlessly Near Scotty's Castle Bonnie Claire dry lake Rhyolite NV Amargosa Valley NV Tioga Pass Yosemite :headbang:
  12. Got the Powerstick+ in the mail - thanks Buick !

    USB Powerstick+ with built in 4gb memory Includes all adapters to charge all my devices - ipod, android phone/ tablet Nice little toy Yea, it's a near lease end marketing ploy and that's OK because I'm ployable
  13. The great lease mileage race is on !

    The BMW lease ended, so we're now a one vehicle family Not sure of its replacement ... maybe a CLA250 The Encore's only down 9 of the 20K miles the 2 year lease allows 18 months in She's been boat anchor reliable with no problems of any kind So, yep .... I'm gonna take some road trips...
  14. Encore the only GM vehicle not recalled?

    There were a handful of '13's recalled for a faulty steering wheel early on I haven't heard of any others We're a year and a half in with no problems of any kind The BMW lease ends in a few weeks and since there will be no immediate replacement, I'll be driving the Encore a lot more...
  15. Dealer wants me trade trade the '13 for a '14

    Dealer wants me to trade the '13 for a '14 Got the Early Lease Termination letter where I can be released from the current lease if I lease/ buy any new Buick. The wife says "do it! and maybe try a new color Encore". My problem now is that we would be getting a very late '14 when the 15's...
  16. Death Valley/ Vegas/ Arizona Cactus .. first real road trip .. a few pics

    >1700 miles in <3 days! Got about 5K unused lease miles to burn Averaged 31 mpg with 2 passengers, luggage, 100 lbs of collected rocks, lots of windy roads, steep hills and maybe err umm slightly over the speed limit ;) We did Death Valley, Amargosa Valley, Pahrump, Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam...
  17. 1 year ownership report

    this new forum interface is garbage! :mad: Took delivery 1 year ago today 6040 of 10K lease miles used ... 90% city driving short trips She's performed as designed, with no problems of any kind Datapoint for those considering a first year model purchase Yea, I'd prefer a push button...
  18. Treasure Island (San Fran) day trip pics

    A cold, clear day trip in the wife's luxury Crossover :headbang:
  19. TPMS is very accurate

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System This cold weather (deep in the 40's ;)) got me thinking that the tire pressures on the Encore might need some attention, since I don't monitor them regularly. The BMW computer complains if the pressures drop just a little :rolleyes: ... a PITA for sure ...
  20. Encore Manuals and How-To Videos

    I had forgotten that these were there ... a lot of good information especially the videos :headbang:
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