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  1. Parts supply issue?

    I hesitated to buy at first for this reason but I’m sure glad I made the move. The TourX and Sportback are great cars and those of us who own them are fortunate to be enjoying a “limited time engagement “.
  2. Sportback 9T50 9-speed Auto - Conversation & Questions

    I’m very happy with the transmission in my GS. A huge step above the 6speed auto that was in my ‘13 GS. When you have the opportunity to step on it leaving a red light the shifts are very impressive. I personally have never had any use for paddle shifters but it was definitely a mistake not to...
  3. Smart Stop Start module - Reliable?

    If you shut the engine off, remain in the car, and restart the engine before the car has “gone to sleep “ the auto stop start will activate. This is a very rare occurrence. I selected this device because I did not want to be fooling around with the port and have to remove it for service. Each...
  4. Auto stop-start on Sportback -- can it be turned off?

    Buy the smart stop start module. Installs in under 10 minutes and your car acts normally. I’ve had mine for 7 months.
  5. Smart Stop Start module - Reliable?

    Absolutely! I put mine in in June and it has worked perfectly. Read the directions as there are one or two situations where the car may go into auto stop mode. I can’t do anything mechanically but I installed the module in under 10 minutes.
  6. Sportback Appreciation

    I absolutely love my GS! So nice to drive and so many features to enjoy. I find the hatch makes the vehicle so practical. Load it with golf clubs or groceries, fire up the V6, press the GS button and it’s off to the races. And thanks to my wonderful little module under the hood, it keeps...
  7. Show us your best shot

    Very pretty car! I had a deposit down on an Avenir but then drove the GS and was hooked.
  8. Auto start stop

    I have smart stop start module under the hood. 5 min install. Works just fine.
  9. Demand for 18 Regal GS

    A loaded 2018 came on the market in nearby CT last week. Low mileage car. Priced at 28900. Sold in 5 days.
  10. Squealing brakes

    I get that sometimes on my GS. Apply more pressure and it stops.
  11. Tourx in the shop for 10 months... Looking for GM "inside information" on parts

    I think that you have a dealer problem. You need to find out who the district manager is for Buick and be in touch with him/her. Buick indicated to me when my car was at the body shop that all parts for Regals were available in the US.
  12. Show us your best shot

    The unsolicited compliments often come at the gas station.....
  13. Oh no! They totaled your TourX! Now what do you drive?

    My GS was hit in July. Damage amounted to 9K. 6 weeks later got the car back as good as new and loving it. I had worried that it would be totaled due to parts not being available but all parts were received by the collision shop in 4days or less. I wish you a good outcome!
  14. The Buick Stereotype

    I have worked as a part time driver at a large Audi dealership for almost 7 years and get to drive every model eventually. This week I drove an S5 Sportback and an A7 Sportback, both of which were 2018 models, the same as my GS. The S5 sold for around 65k and the A7 around 70k when new. The S5...
  15. The Buick Stereotype

    It was auto. I was a manual only driver for many years but no longer. Too much traffic in New England.
  16. The Buick Stereotype

    The ‘13 GS was a great car, but I have to say that the switch to the ‘18 is a giant step. AWD, V6, 9-speed are all dramatic improvements. I also like the additional space even though the car isn’t that much larger. Much better access to the trunk.
  17. The Buick Stereotype

    I just turned 75 years young. I was brought up in a GM family - my dad was a 41 year employee and top executive. I remember one of the first Corvettes coming home for a test drive, a Riveria before the dealers had them, and my very first car: a SS 396 in fire engine red. As an adult, I switched...
  18. Would you do it again?

    To reassure you there is not a problem with parts My GS was hit shortly after I got it (July) and had 9000.00 in damage. The longest time for a part to arrive at the body shop was 4 days.
  19. Would you do it again?

    My GS is loaded and I love all of it.
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