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  1. OBD 2 Power chip

    Has anyone used this Stage 1 Performance Chip Module OBD2 for Buick or this Stage 2 Performance Chip Module OBD2 For Buick in their Lesabre ? Does it work , or is it snake oil ? ......Mike
  2. Cleaning throttle body 2005 Lesabre

    Hey guys I have a small problem . Sometimes after sitting for a few minutes the car will start with a rough idle . At the same time the pedal will be very stiff . I'm thinking that I need to clean the TB since otherwise the car runs very smooth and idles great . I am wanting to use Seafoam...
  3. Any way to kill the door open chimes ?

    Is there any way to disable this ? Real annoying as I usually like to leave the door open when I start the car especially when its really hot out .......Mike
  4. Trans filter change time

    Going to get my trans filter changed next week , and I have a couple questions . First , what kind of fluid should I use on a 2005 Lesabre ? Would Dex 6 be safe or should I use what was standard for that year trans ? And second how many quarts if I just drop the pan ? I am assuming that 8...
  5. Cleaning aluminum wheels

    Traded in the 94 Century on a 2005 Lesabre with 51,000 miles ! Great car , great ride , and has a full service history . Origional owner traded it instead of paying to fix the intake gaskets . Dealer replaced the gaskets with new GM parts ,flushed and refilled the cooling system, put on 4 new...
  6. 16"rims for Century

    Will the 16" rims from the Park Ave work on a 94 Century ? And what size tires would be best ?
  7. Motor noise

    I have a 94 Century with the 2.2 4 cylinder motor and 182,000 miles. When it idles it sounds kind of like a sewing machine . It's sounded like this ever since I bought it 4 1/2 years ago . When I rev the motor a bit it sounds normal . Doesn't sound like lifters, I've had the head off to fix the...
  8. converter lock up question

    I have a 94 Century about 175,000 mi. with the 2.2 motor and TH125C tranny. When it goes into lockup many times it goes in and out of lockup, mostly when speeds are below 40 mph. Not as bad between 40 and 50, and seems to work normal at speed over 50. Makes it real annoying to drive in city...
  9. changing spark plugs

    Dads got a 89 LeSabre with the 3800 motor. He bought it in the early 90's used and may have had it tuned up once, a looong time ago. It runs fairly well, but is needing plugs and wires. Haven't tried to remove the plugs, but I am guessing they are going to be a pain to get out. Should I soak /...
  10. Weird oil leak

    I have a kinda weird oil leak. If I drive the car every day , I never see any oil on the ground. But if I don't drive for a few days I start seeing an good size oil spot under the rear side of the motor. Its a 94 Century with the 2.2 motor. Any ideas ????....Mike
  11. Photos of my car

    Took a couple photos today of the 94 Century I bought for 400 dollars almost 3 years ago. Motor is the 2.5 4 cylinder and gets between 25-30 MPG. Replaced plugs / wires, one of the coil packs, Radiator, head gasket, both CV axels, front rotors and pads, and a few other odds n ends. Paint is...
  12. Rear side windows in 94 Century

    These windows kinda annoy me, since they only go down half way. Is there any way to get them to go down all the way ? They are the electric kind if that make a difference.....Thanks......Mike
  13. Check engine light is on

    in Dads 89 LeSabre. Car runs fine though. It has the 3800 V6 motor. What may be causing the light to be on , or is it one of those things where it comes on to remind you to service a certain part. Car has less than 120 thousand on it .....Mike
  14. Need help finding a part

    Hi new here, and I need some help locating a part. I am looking for a transmission dipstick tube to fit a 94 Century with a 2.2 4 cylinder and a TH125C (3T40) transmission. Mine has a small hole in it at the bottom of the tube. Tried to get transmission shop to fit a new bottom end on it, but...
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