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  1. Trifecta Red USB-OBD cable, $100 shipped

    Sold my Buick a while ago and just ran across this cable in the garage. $100 shipped to lower 48. Worldwide shipping available at additional actual cost.
  2. 2012 GS, lumbar not working?

    My drivers side lumbar isn't working, I'm pretty sure it never has been. It didn't bother me until tonight when I swear the lumbar activated itself. I parked the car around 10am (everything was fine) and got back in at 10pm, and the seat was just uncomfortable. It just seems like the lumbar...
  3. Concept-RS, front splitter for Insignia OPC... installed!

    It finally arrived, and I went out this afternoon to test-fit it. Right now it's just being held in by the included speed screws, I will be putting in some thru bolts and some large washers when I get back from the city in a few days. Hopefully also in a few days, the weather will be nicer and...
  4. Spring is in the air...

    The 20's are back! :cool: I took the winter wheels off this weekend, and reinstalled the H&R rear springs. Not a bad stance, I just wish the wheelwell gaps were equal.
  5. Do you have the 2.4? Read this...
  6. Heads up display... day and night videos

    Finally got two videos up of the heads up display. This is the "S200" version, less than $100 on eBay and less than an hour to install. I have no affiliation with the seller or the company that makes HUDs whatsoever, I just think this is a great mod. Day: Night...
  7. 19" winter wheel/tire setup, less than 100 miles

    These came off my GS, but would also fit the Lacrosse:
  8. Any interest in my buying my winter wheel setup? Perfect, less than 100 mi

    I bought a great set of winter wheels and tires a couple months ago... but the more I look, the more I want black rims on my winter setup. Enkei Performance Ammodo, 19x8, about $200 each new Dunlop Graspic DS-3, 235/40R19, about $200 each new TPMS are currently installed and will go if the...
  9. 162mph! Nevada Open Road Challenge
  10. GM parents "Riviera" name... Oops... patents ^ Mods, if you could, please correct my typo in the thread title. Let the rumors and speculation begin... Discuss.
  11. Trifecta GS tune... impressions

    Just installed my tune and took a drive. Immediately noticeable performance gain, and very quick off the line! It really leaps right out of the gate... I think it has to do with Trifecta's constant 22 psi vs the stock variable 15-20psi. It's less noticeable, say, at 2k RPM in 3rd gear, if you...
  12. Can we have a few more ads pop up?

    I currently have no less than SEVEN ads on this page. I understand the need for advertising, but this is by far the worst laid out page ive encountered... it's a little ridiculous. I also completely understand that joining and paying for membership removes them... but every other forum ive...
  13. The window lock also disables rear door handles

    Found out the hard way, my passenger couldn't get out! I had to open the door from the outside, and then remembered that I had pushed the window lock button. Apparently it also activates the child safety lock. I keep finding new little features on this car.
  14. GM Accessories: cupholder and footwell lighting, INSTALL

    Lights are in! I'm on my iPad right now, so I can't upload pics, but I'll get them when I get back to my PC. Overall im happy with them, though the instructions are HORRIBLE -- I think it was a bad edit of the LaCrosse instructions. The kit is not made by GM, it's made by ACSCO
  15. Anyone have experience with GM Tech 2 scanner?

    After reading about some of the things people have been able to do to our cars (mod so that the DRL LEDs staying on with headlights, adding boost gauge to DIC, etc.), I've been looking at the GM Tech 2. Online, there are versions for $1500, $3000, $4500, and $5400. What's the difference...
  16. Hagerty: GS is a Future Classic
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