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  1. Replace Fuel Sender or Entire Fuel Pump?

    OK thanks HotZ28! :)
  2. Replace Fuel Sender or Entire Fuel Pump?

    Do you mean the wire mesh fuel sock thing? Where do I get one of those at?
  3. Replace Fuel Sender or Entire Fuel Pump?

    Thanks for your reply 2007LucerneCXL. :)
  4. Replace Fuel Sender or Entire Fuel Pump?

    The usual inaccurate fuel gauge has taken a turn for the worse. While reading 1/2 full with the needle in the center, I pumped in over 15 gallons of fuel. Tank capacity is 18.5 gallons as you know. It needs a new sender, but with over 150,000 miles and 20 years on the fuel pump, should I go...
  5. Why does the heater in my 2002 Buick LeSabre blow ice cold air?

    You need to replace the mode door actuator behind the glove box. Wait a minute, I just got suckered into another 10 year old thread.
  6. Buying a 2000 LeSabre. Advice?

    G-577022, Why do you keep digging up these old threads? Do you actually think the person you just replied to is going to read your reply? They wrote that post on July 31, 2008. Over 10 years ago. They could very well be dead by now.
  7. LeSabre 2000-2005 Floor Mats

    Thunderhawk09 -- do they fit OK?
  8. LeSabre 2000-2005 Floor Mats

    A new set of custom mats would be the best way to go, but have any of you bought generic mats that are halfway decent? All I need is one driver's side mat. I wish we could buy custom made mats one at a time instead of going through the expense of a whole set.
  9. removing stuck CV axle

    Oh OK, I see what's going on now. In that case, he needs the OTC 7507 C-fork and the OTC 7508 C-fork extension. I bought those two when I did mine. I then rented the slide hammer. It'll get that tri-pot CV housing out of the transmission in a hurry. Actually, a 10 pound slide hammer is too much...
  10. Radiator recommendations

    I got an ACDelco from RockAuto on 02/09/2016. It's been an excellent radiator. You'll need the transmission cooler line disconnect tool from Lisle Corp.
  11. removing stuck CV axle

    Have you tried the sledge hammer method? All you do is loosen the axle nut and then strike it with a sledge hammer. When the axle breaks free from the hub, you'll see the axle push in and then come back out. This is done with all four tires firmly on the ground.
  12. 97 Buick LeSabre vacuum lines

    Replacing the plastic tubing with vacuum hose is the easy part. Being able to connect the new vacuum hose to the individual components is the hard part. You're going to need vacuum connectors and vacuum adapters. Dorman is the only company I know of that makes them. The vacuum adapters allow you...
  13. Monroe ma822 help

    Good deal.
  14. Monroe ma822 help

    I hope you used the factory nuts instead of the Monroe nuts.
  15. 97 Buick LeSabre vacuum lines

    1997 Buick Lesabre CUSTOM 4DR VAPOR CANISTER & RELATED PARTS-V6 3.8K I'm posting this drawing just for reference.
  16. What kind of Motor oil to use for Buick

    This is an old thread, but I still have the same car. I no longer run 6 quarts in it. I now run 5 quarts with a NAPA Platinum filter torqued to 168 inch pounds. Oil is still Chevron Supreme 10W-30.
  17. Oem or aftermarket control arm? Are they the same?

    Yes. At the time I got mine, which was 06/19/2014, they were made in USA. One bit of advice: Don't pump up the ball joint boots until AFTER you have the arms installed; and even then, just pump them up until they expand a little bit. The reason for this is the boots don't have a relief slot at...
  18. Oem or aftermarket control arm? Are they the same?

    I got the Moog CK series from RockAuto. They're fine. The Mevotech Premium would probably be good too. I'm impressed with my new Mevotech inner and outer tie rods. Good quality made in Canada.
  19. Can i put 10w-30 high mileage synthetic oil in my 1997 lesabre with 22.000 miles on it?

    I use Chevron Supreme 10W-30. My Buick really likes it.
  20. Cruise Control for 2000-2005 LeSabre

    I assume you mean the switch on the left side of the steering wheel. Yes, the switch light will remain on when the cruise control disengages.
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