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  1. Bose "Premium" Audio

    My solution 2 years ago : I drive with the left backseat down. Wired sub+amp off of the Bose amp. There was a post a while back about wiring diagrams
  2. Verano Turbo - K&N Typhoon Air Intake

    K&N finally made an air intake for the '14-'16 Verano Turbo, K&N 69-4536TS. I just installed it on my '13, replacing the stock airbox and K&N drop-in filter. Sounds very aggressive, pretty loud outside and even on the inside, much louder than expected. Sounds almost lika a vacuum cleaner haha...
  3. Will Regal Stage Kit 2012-2013 come to the Verano T?

    So I was just browsing the Regal forums, and it seems that a new GM Regal stage kit just came out last week for '12 and '13 Regals and bumps the power up to 295hp (from 272hp) for the GS and 270hp (from 220hp) for the turbo. The kit includes a real Cold Air Intake and a GM tune retaining factory...
  4. 225/60-16 tires, will they fit?

    That's mine. What did you end up getting? Here's a comparison with the OEM wheel (dipped) and tire
  5. 2012 Buick Verano RIMS dipped gloss black and black emblems/chrome

    Thanks! I'm really loving how they look, they certainly make my car stand out from other Veranos. You should definitely try it, you have nothing to lose. Don't like it? Peel it! :) For the tint, I bought some light black vinyl tail light tint on eBay, 2 rolls for about 10-15$ I think it was, I...
  6. Smoked out TailLights, now my Verano looks really angry. lol

    Nice! I went for a light black vinyl tint (easily removeable), but just on the red.
  7. Plasti dip Rims

    These are my OEM rims with matte black and true metallic aluminium Plasti Dip. I show the whole process in the other Plasti Dip thread.
  8. 2012 Buick Verano RIMS dipped gloss black and black emblems/chrome

    So, after reading these Plasti Dip comments and doing a bit of reasearch, I decided to try it myself. I wanted to get some new wheels, but I figured I'd try Plasti Dip first, and I was not disappointed. I started off with a few coats of matte black, and then added some true metallic aluminium...
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