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  1. Parts issues are resolved

    Two weeks ago a driver who wanted to make a left turn failed to notice that my car was in her way. There was significant damage to the right front. The body shop and my Buick dealer, Paul Masse South in Wakefield RI have a tight relationship and every part ordered for the body repairs arrived...
  2. Unsolicited compliments keep coming

    I bought my 2018 Regal GS 9 weeks ago and I have been averaging 1-2 unsolicited compliments per week, usually at the gas station or the golf course. This morning was typical with a very nice young man at the gas station asking me “what model Buick is that?” When they get a close up look at the...
  3. An Exclusive Club

    Deleted. Wrong forum.
  4. Any comments on seat comfort?

    Does anyone have any good or bad comments on seat comfort of their Sportback or TourX (not GS)
  5. Spare Tire Help

    I had a deposit down on a 2020 Regal Avenir but I can’t find a spare tire solution that will fit around the Bose subwoofer. Has anyone found a solution? I’m not buying the car without a spare.
  6. 2018-19 GS Owners: Need Your Input

    With the demise of the Regal I’m trying to decide if I’m going to pull the trigger on a ‘19 GS. I’d appreciate your answers to: 1. Are you happy with your GS? 2. If not, why not? Thanks very much!!!
  7. Chat with

    I inquired last night as to whether or not it was going to be possible to buy a 2020 GS in the US. The answer was yes and 2021 as well. As my interest is purely GS I did not ask about TourX. One of my neighbors just bought a black TourX. Looks great in his driveway!
  8. Chat with

    I went online this evening and did a chat with Buick. I asked when the 2020 GS was coming to the US and if it’s days were numbered. He said that they can be ordered and that they also expect to sell 2021 model year. My apologies for not asking about TourX.
  9. Why do we Americans let the Europeans get the good cars?

    We are on vacation in Portugal and Spain and the car scene over here has really changed since my last visit just a few years ago. Station wagon are everywhere and really good looking ones similar in size to the TourX. The sedans and coupes are beautiful as well. My rental is a 520d and it is a...
  10. Seeking comments from 2017 owners

    I’m considering moving from my ‘13 GS to a ‘17 GS. The vehicle has DC 1 and 2 which is the primary attraction. I’d love to hear from anyone on here that might share their ownership experience with this model year. Thanks!!
  11. Just test drove 2019 GS

    Quite a car!! Very different than my ‘13 GS with the V6 and the up-to-date electronics. I thought the auto stop start was a non-issue which surprised me. Radio OK but not as good as my HK. The car had every option and was fun to drive. Seats very comfortable and car didn’t feel larger even...
  12. A little fun in my GS

    I’m on my way to the beach this morning and I come to a red light where there are two lanes but the thru traffic uses the left lane. Since there was no one in the right lane I pulled up and stopped at the light. Now I should mention that I’m 73 years young. The car to my left is a GTI with a...
  13. Anyone here move up from last GS to current GS?

    If so what do you think???? The good, the not so good, and the bad.....
  14. Did you buy a leftover?

    I’m thinking about negotiating on a leftover 2018 GS that the dealer has had on the lot for almost 300 days. Any suggestions as to how low to begin?
  15. Some reservations about new Regal

    I saw a new Sportback cruising south on Rt 24 in southeastern Massachusetts this morning. Loved the Smoked Pearl color but the car confirmed some reservations I have about buying one after I’m done with my 2013 GS: 1. Size: I know that it is larger and it looks it on the road. I’m not a big...
  16. Sport Red on GS gives red cars new meaning!

    I was in for service for my ‘13 GS and the dealer had just prepped a new GS in sport red which was sitting on the lot on a sunny day. WOW! I don’t remember ever seeing a better looking red car anywhere anytime. It is a stunning color. I must confess that I was afraid to drive the car because I...
  17. Sat in 2018 GS yesterday

    My 13 GS was in for a minor repair and the dealership had just received its first GS. I had a complete look at the exterior and the interior but I did not drive it. In short- a very nice car but I was not wowed! I remember the very first time I saw a 2011 Regal and I stopped dead in my tracks...
  18. Help may be on the way to turn off eAssist Automatic Engine Start/Stop!

    Just like Mrs Fletcher who fell and couldn’t get up... help may be on the way for those of us who DETEST start/stop nonsense. A report in this mornings Providence Journal about the 2019 Envision said that a button is being added to shut it off. Let’s hope the Regal gets this button!!
  19. Some thoughts about my GS

    I have owned a lot of cars. GM cars, VW cars, Audis and my 2011 Regal turbo that I drove for 3.5 years. I love cars and I set my sights on a GS awhile ago and bought my '13 just before Christmas. After trading in my turbo, I paid 12k for a car that had a sticker of 38k and had 10k miles on the...
  20. Made the jump from '11 TO4 to '13 GS

    Smokey Grey, Auto, Nav, 19", 10k miles CPO - major jump up from the '11 turbo! Who says old guys can't have fun!!
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