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  1. check engine

    the check engine light at the dashbord sometimes going on and of. ignition coils and ICM are new. what can it be. EGR-valve or O2-sensor?
  2. A/C clutch

    at my `95 PA is the second time the A/C clutch burned. the ball-bearing of the clutch stucks, and the compressor clutch coil is burned. whats going first the bearing or the clutch coil? whats the main Problem?
  3. wiring diagrams

    i need wiring diagrams for my PA, now especialy for the ABS, but for the future i think i need all from the car than i can get, someone knows where i can get it? i have only a HAYNES -repair manual, ist not complete
  4. OBD 1.5 scan tool

    I need an Scan tool for my PA with the l36 engine, which can scan the ABS System too. which is the best and cheapest one?
  5. passenger climate control switch

    Hi; at my 95 PA the passenger climate control switch dont works correct, sometimes its on but it cant be regulated, and sometimes it stays dark, i have checked it with another passenger climate control switch but its the same.? can somebody help me? i cant also find a wiring diagram.....
  6. traction control

    when i start my 95 PA and drive a few meters, the traction off light at the dashbord is going on. I have now changed both front wheel hubs, and try a new control off/on Switch. nothing changes. what can i do now?
  7. a/c clutch

    i have a new a/c compressor in my 95 park avenue. the a/c is filled up with R134a 39.00 PAG 150 8.00 but now the new compressor dont works, the clutch is not active if i switch on the a/c. there is a dkgreen and a black cable on the connector on the side of the clutch, if i turn the a/c on...
  8. engine control

    at my 95 park avenue (l36 engine) the engine light glows, and i dont know why. the engine runs perfect. some ideas?
  9. interruption

    i have an 95 park Avenue with the l36 engine. if i want to accelerate the engine turns up but sometimes the thrust Interrupt and the rpm. goes down for about 200 rpm. what could be the mistake.
  10. vibrations on the front axle

    I have an `95 park Avenue, for a few months i have written in this Forum for my probs with vibrations on the front axle. i rebuild the Transmission and somebody else, now i have seen that the cooler from the power steering strikes on the Stabilisator bar. ..............what f.....
  11. 4t60e dynaride?

    today i have bought another park avenue `95 , facelift version with the small chrome lips at the bumpers and the l36 engine. in the dashbord they have written DYNARIDE and not like my other Park Avenue GRAN TOURING SUSPENSION. is ther something different?
  12. which torque converter?

    Maybe someone can help me. i would replace the torque converter of my `95 buick park avenue, with the l36 engine (150hp). but there are two, one with stall speed 1420, and one with 1895 stall speed. which is the correct one?
  13. engine room lightning

    Today i will repair at my 95 park avenue the engine room lightning. stupidly i produce a short circuit with the contacts at the connection. now the dimmed headlights also dont works. where are this both lamps connected or where is the fuse for this. thanks ahead
  14. engine dies when driving away

    If i am standing with running engine, and give gas, the engine "scrabs" short and dies. can someone help me?
  15. torque converter?

    i have already renewed in my Park Avenue, the drive shafts and engine mounts, but at about 2000-2200 rpm and 80-90 km / h it vibrates still. The only thing that would occur to me is the torque converter, can i check it anyway?
  16. Engine will not start

    If i turn the key on the start position, the engine rotates slightly, and stops - but thats it - the starter and the battery are new. If i remove the spark plugs - the engine turns normaly. the compression is ok.:blink:
  17. engine dont starts

    If i turns the key at the start position sometimes the starter is only going "klonk" and the engine dont turns. if she is turning it dont starts. the starter and the battery are new. with starter cables and another car its the same problem.
  18. Engine dont runs

    Hi, after a engineservice my Park avenue 3,8 base with the series II engine with 150 kw, runs the engine if its warm bad. this fault have deteriorated. now it dont runs in any condition. if i would start it, maybe it starts on 4-5 zylinder but in a short time it dies with some missfire. i have...
  19. engine dies

    if my l36 park avenue is cold, it runs perfectly, but if it s going warm, it listened like one after another cylinder is going bad, till the engine dies. it listened "throaty". have someone an idea which problem i have?
  20. 95 park av, dont start

    Hi; Last winter I have the l36 engine completely disassembled in my 95 park avenue, new sealed exept the piston and the crankshaft and assembled. he is now also started immediately but because the torque converter had to fill only and I have switched it is after some time again died. if I want...
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