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  1. 2000 Le Sabre rear (air) shock question

    There is an option to go with regular shocks rear end might sag a little . You could also get coil-over shocks but they may make the ride a bit stiffer..................Mike Should not cost more than 400.00 .
  2. Weird Dealer Experience-2017 Regal Premium

    I would make sure that you are there when they raise the car and look for yourself , I don't trust their response .
  3. after market wheel covers for our Buick Regal 2011 Comes in different colors ....Mike
  4. Chrome wheels in winter?

    I always sprayed my Craigers with wd40 in the salt season .....Mike
  5. Rust in the rear wheel frame

    google car frame restoration , there are a couple in my area .....Mike
  6. Unibody/Sheet metal punctures - how to seal/patch They use this on semi trailers that have a small hole . Sticks really well........Mike
  7. oil pressure trouble

    Yes that's normal . As the oil heats up it flows more easily .
  8. 1995 buick century 2.2 how too tell which transmission is

    I had a 94 with the 4 cylinder . It had a TH125C in it . I think the other trans would be for the V6 motor , although I'm no expert here .....Mike Oops ! read below . It does seem that they are the same . The 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 125 was introduced in 1980 and produced through 2001. It...
  9. Car Broken Into with Crowbar

    I suspect that the 2 x 4 method Joe mentioned would work fine ......Mike
  10. Trailer hitch compatibility

    If you're going to do much towing I would highly suggest an auxillary trans cooler . Towing will heat the trans more and cause it to go out sooner ......Mike
  11. Key Fob Trunk Release (always going off by accident)...

    Get a 2 dollar carabiner clip and hang your keys from your belt loop . ............Mike :)
  12. OBD 2 Power chip

    Has anyone used this Stage 1 Performance Chip Module OBD2 for Buick or this Stage 2 Performance Chip Module OBD2 For Buick in their Lesabre ? Does it work , or is it snake oil ? ......Mike
  13. Problem starting, starter problem?

    Check the fuel pressure , could be low .....Mike
  14. 2005 Buick lesabre with a Rough idle.

    Could be the motor mounts . Also it wouldn't hurt to clean the throttle body at 95,000 mine was pretty dirty !
  15. Cleaning throttle body 2005 Lesabre

    I hadn't seen that @patcal . Looks like it's worth a try !
  16. Cleaning throttle body 2005 Lesabre

    Hey guys I have a small problem . Sometimes after sitting for a few minutes the car will start with a rough idle . At the same time the pedal will be very stiff . I'm thinking that I need to clean the TB since otherwise the car runs very smooth and idles great . I am wanting to use Seafoam...
  17. 2000 Century Horn not working

    Sounds like somebody beat the crap out of the steering wheel to get it to stop . ....Mike
  18. 98 Regal still overheating

    A diesel fill nozzle is larger than an unleaded nozzle and will not fit ....Mike
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