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  1. Does No Code mean No Problem?

    When I bought my 2004 Lesabre used, it had an OBD code indicating EPC Transmission Pressure Solenoid. I don't remember the exact code, but I erased codes, and this code has never came back after 26k miles. I am, however, still getting the P1811 codes. My plan is to put in a trans-go shift kit...
  2. Sway Bar to Brake Lines Clearance (2004 Lesabre)

    Hi, I had a local shop replace my brake lines to for the rear wheels... Among my concerns, the brake lines were resting (touching) right on top of the sway bar. I managed to wiggle and flex the lines enough so now they are about 1/4 inch above the sway bar. Do you think that is enough clearance?
  3. Two "brake light switches" why? and how to test? (cruise issue)

    So I'm getting the : "P0724 torque converter / brake switch B" message. I have two switches at the brake pedal. ACDelco part#25669178 and #D888A (pictures attached) I've read that "both switches have a wire running to the cruise control module." The D888A switch was easy to test...
  4. 2000-2003 vs. 04-05 Cruise Control On/Off switch. What's the difference?

    I see that the On/Off switch (on steering wheel) is a different part for 2000-03 vs 2004-05. What's the difference?
  5. Cruise Control, Not workin - ABS problem preventing? Light on cruise switch stays on.

    First, the problem with the cruise control. It doesn't work. This is a 2004 LeSabre that I just bought, so I don't know the history. The On/Off switch on the steering wheel seems to latch okay, but the yellow "ON" indicator light (on the switch) is lit all the time, no matter which position...
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