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  1. Trifecta Red USB-OBD cable, $100 shipped

    Sold my Buick a while ago and just ran across this cable in the garage. $100 shipped to lower 48. Worldwide shipping available at additional actual cost.
  2. 2012 GS, lumbar not working?

    My drivers side lumbar isn't working, I'm pretty sure it never has been. It didn't bother me until tonight when I swear the lumbar activated itself. I parked the car around 10am (everything was fine) and got back in at 10pm, and the seat was just uncomfortable. It just seems like the lumbar...
  3. Forum Moderator?

    Click the link on the top of the page... Madison Ross Media Group Atomotive Communities, You can pay to remove ads, but its recurring (not a one time fee). And this is the most ads I've ever seen on one forum. There are no less than seven ads on the page, and it's...
  4. Concept-RS, front splitter for Insignia OPC... installed!

    It finally arrived, and I went out this afternoon to test-fit it. Right now it's just being held in by the included speed screws, I will be putting in some thru bolts and some large washers when I get back from the city in a few days. Hopefully also in a few days, the weather will be nicer and...
  5. Spring is in the air...

    The 20's are back! :cool: I took the winter wheels off this weekend, and reinstalled the H&R rear springs. Not a bad stance, I just wish the wheelwell gaps were equal.
  6. Do you have the 2.4? Read this...
  7. Lowered GS..... finally!

    If you do talk to him, read post #110 and ask him if he ever talked to H&R. Maaybe you'll have better luck with him than I did.
  8. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Good luck. That guy doesn't reply to me unless I email him three times asking "HEY, did you get my emails" and then he writes "sorry chap, my server has been deleting emails, but I got this one" He also accused our shocks of being the culprit for the uneven drop; I'm really unimpressed with...
  9. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I'm not sure about the V-Maxx part numbers, but "-5" was part of H&R's part number. It was a question of "-5" vs "-1" for our cars.
  10. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Ask him if we can return ours.
  11. Lowered GS..... finally!

    3 HOURS FOR THE REAR?? Did you look at the pics on the first page? Make sure they charge you the right thing... the rears might take half an hour. And no alignment should be necessary.
  12. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I think you'd be able to use the same spring to lower yours. Get the kit for the Insignia 1.6/1.8.
  13. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Yup, no effect on the IDC.
  14. Lowered GS..... finally!

    "Sports Tourer" is the wagon, if I remember right. Also, the links you sent were one H&R and one Eibach. The H&R part number is 28998-5. Eibach part number should be 38158.140
  15. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I'd recommend you find someone else to buy them from instead of Graeme. I know some will disagree, but I just don't feel he was responsive (see posts above about three-week delays and emails not being sent informing us of any status). I also more recently emailed him because my rear springs...
  16. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Nice of you to join the forum though. Welcome to the group (and your father too).
  17. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I would recommend the 1.6/1.8T springs to anyone else. My rears have settled as much or maybe a touch more than the fronts (about one finger width), and while I can fit one finger between the rear tire and the fender, I can fit three fingers between the front wheel and the fender. I'd return...
  18. Lowered GS..... finally!

    The car may have settled another "half of a finger width" since installing them; I'm still happy with them, but i also think the springs for the "lighter car" (1.6, 1.8L) would be the way to go for anyone else that wants to do this. They may not be as stiff or perform as well as the "correct"...
  19. Lowered GS..... finally!

    The winter setup above is 235/40R19. "Normal" setup is the stock 20s.
  20. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Job took less than three hours, and the wheelwell gap is currently at three fingers for the front, two fingers for the rear. Insert sex joke here. The car is level... the rocker panel under the door is actually higher in the rear than in the front. And sorry, my winter rims are on right...
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