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  1. 2007LucerneCXL

    Lucerne Upgrades Completed

    As this vehicle was never to be a project well one thing lead to another and at this point it's complete for updates and upgrades. The Lucerne is not a car for the aftermarket parts and even some of those are in question by the manufacturer if they would work so the challenge was in finding...
  2. 2007LucerneCXL

    Curb feelers LOL

    I'm sure these work well for also avoiding door dings at Wally world parking lot.
  3. 2007LucerneCXL

    PCB relay engine bay fuse box, anyone knows about these?

    Had a intermittent drivers side low beam light, went out one time next start up and following weeks zero issues. Yesterday intermittent, DRL on then went completely DOA and assumed it was the LED as fuse was good, looked and did a continuity test which passed before replacement. New LED DOA...
  4. 2007LucerneCXL

    Lucerne Suspension Upgrade Parts Listing

    This is a upgrade on a 2007 Lucerne 3.8L CXL if they apply to other years or models you will need to confirm. Front / Rear stabilizer bars and strut tower brace. The stabilizer bars both are 3mm+ larger than stock GM, somewhat difficult as parts specification vary. Ride and steering improvements...
  5. 2007LucerneCXL

    Lucerne upgrading front stabilizer sway bar, parts list

    Parts needed Item Stabilizer Sway Bar Part# 25895208 Quantity 1 Item Stabilizer Link Part # 25715934 Quantity 2 Item Bushings Part # 15852293 Quantity 2 Item Stabilizer Bar Bolt Part # 25605055 Quantity 4 Item Stabilizer Bar Bracket Part # 25699779 Quantity 2 This is a replacement for the...
  6. 2007LucerneCXL

    Lucerne Strut Tower Brace - Installed with parts list.

    The STB is installed on a 2007 3.8L. These are available from Pontiacs see the link below for the GM part#, these show up on Ebay $50-70. Pontiac Bonneville - H SHEET METAL/FRONT END > EPC Online > Parts needed #21 - 4 needed #69 - 1 needed #70 - 6 needed #71 - 2 needed LH & RH See...
  7. 2007LucerneCXL

    12 Year Old Girl Replaces 2007 Buick Lucerne Struts

    Title says it all, came across this while surfing. She puts some guys I know along with some mechanics to shame lol.
  8. 2007LucerneCXL

    PIP5095E Fluid In Spark Plug Tubes 3.6 LGX

    Found this GM announcement while looking up something else and not sure if it's been posted. Condition / Concern Some customers may complain of an SES light with misfire codes or possible oil or coolant leak. Recommendations / Instructions On inspection you may find coolant or oil in a spark...
  9. 2007LucerneCXL

    Car-Opening Techniques 06-11Lucerne

    Interesting article on how to get into the Lucerne if for some reason the standard method is not operating. Car-Opening Techniques: 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne This month we will offer recommended car opening techniques for the 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne. This four-door sedan is equipped with vertical...
  10. 2007LucerneCXL

    Lucerne - A Star Is Born

    Came across this listing of a Lucerne being in a movie or TV show, just something other than a problem post lol.
  11. 2007LucerneCXL

    Buick at Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars

    As the Indy 500 ran today it was time to look back on the Buick 500 pace cars that manage to make the cut, good or bad, as something that may never be seen again, enjoy. Just couldn't let this pass by, a Kodak moment if ever there was one.
  12. 2007LucerneCXL

    Under hood insulation cleaning

    Nice weather and finally dry, time to get the under hood insulation clean. Been a problem every time I opened the hood, rest of the bay is spotless. After reading a lot of methods just pulled it out, engine degreaser, hose and rattle can semi gloss engine paint. Had purchased replacement plastic...
  13. 2007LucerneCXL

    95 Lesabre valve cover gasket replacement

    Just wanted to know if the belt tension pulley assembly needs to be removed on this year 95 Lesabre for the rear cover. Most of the information is for the alternator in this location, 1995 has the power steering pump located on it. It appears there is enough room but wanted to plan if it needs...
  14. 2007LucerneCXL

    Turn signal mirrors upgrade 2007 CXL Lucerne

    Has anyone ever done the upgrade, I have the exact matching mirrors, heated, memory, auto dimming that are currently on my Lucerne with the additional turn signals on the newer set. I have looked at lot of info, but none of these have actually done this a lot of good guess work. So my questions...
  15. 2007LucerneCXL

    2007 Lucerne LED lights ad on

    Looking for additional information on taping in a set of LED lights. I looked in the underhood fuse box and only one spade terminal and is for the heated winshield washer, of course its open due to the unfixable recall. Would like to avoid having to run to back seat box. These turn off when...
  16. 2007LucerneCXL

    1995 Buick LeSabre rear passenger locked

    Hello, I have a 1995 lesabre rear passenger door which is locked and will not open using any of the handles, lock inside or key fob. I know that it is in the door and I can pull the panel, have done it on the other side. My question is there a way to open the door via slim Jim or other way just...
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