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  1. David Lopez Vargas

    Ongoing Issue

    The radio reset on its own from time to time. It loses connection to the internet and you'd have to turn the car off and on for it to work again. Also my instrument panel has reset on me about 2 times. The recall I went in for was for the radio head unit itself but I went 3 times and its still...
  2. David Lopez Vargas

    19 Buick encore

    When it comes to loaner cars. they really get abused depending on the dealership. I would say really drive the car and make sure everything works.
  3. David Lopez Vargas

    2019 Buick Encore Essence--Can't get Aux MP3 player to work

    It only works with usb thumb drives to my knowledge. If you connect your phone to it you can play music through the apple/android car play. If its a regular MP3 player...I highly doubt it'll work if the car doesn't recognize it.
  4. David Lopez Vargas

    19 Buick encore

    They're great cars. I feel like the 2019 is the perfected one lol. I have a 2017 Encore Essence AWD (with the 153hp engine) and the only issue I've had was with my radio catching the internet. Other than that it's a great car. My only suggestions is to make sure you have good tires on it because...
  5. David Lopez Vargas

    Ongoing Issue

    It might be a recall that the dealer hasn't checked yet. some of the Encores (most 2017 models) have issues like this. I've had radio issues with mine so I understand the frustration. have them check deeper into it because it can be a recall that's rare.
  6. David Lopez Vargas

    2017 Buick Encore

    Never had that issues happen before. Sounds like there's more going on than what it looks like. It could be that the motors seize in the cold and freeze up. I would honestly use the remote start when its cold and let the car warm up and see if that's the issue. Most of the cars systems are...
  7. David Lopez Vargas

    Frustrated with car.

    Agreed. Most of the cars parts are outsourced. I would keeping fighting till it gets fixed properly or like said in previous post. Complain to GM till they get tired of it and give you something better
  8. David Lopez Vargas


    The data plan is a monthly subscription and also the 2017s are all having issues with the internet and radio. just an FYI. I've had the same issues with my Encore as well. 2018s and up that problem was corrected with a new radio that GM installed
  9. David Lopez Vargas

    Painted Calipers

    I painted them with High Heat Engine paint (Gold) and they came out amazing.
  10. David Lopez Vargas

    backup bulbs

    If you're putting just regular bulbs then you can do it without takin off the lamp but if you're putting LEDs then I would recommend taking off the lamp. I had the LEDs fall into the lamp and it was a pain to take them out and use electrical tape to keep them in place.
  11. David Lopez Vargas

    Reverse light bulbs

    What year is your Encore?
  12. David Lopez Vargas

    1st Encore...mistake?

    Also because you bought the car. I would recommend get an Optima Battery. It is a bit expensive but you'll never have a problem. They're gel filled instead of acid filled so it'll definitely last longer. As for the keys they may of deprogrammed. I've seen it happen on a few different cars.
  13. David Lopez Vargas

    2020 Buick Encore drops more powerful 1.4-liter four-cylinder option

    Agreed. Thats why I got it because I know rarely does anyone have it. I do wish that GM would've made it with the option of a 2.0 turbo AWD. Just like the Caddy XT4. Also get the option to get the Diesel engine just like the Opel Mokka. That would've been AMAZING :love:
  14. David Lopez Vargas

    2017 Buick Auto light function (day vs. night)

    I was talking about 1st year model change for 2017 (since 2017 was a new body change)
  15. David Lopez Vargas

    I love my Encore

    I realized that too and I thought that a cover goes there but its just bare
  16. David Lopez Vargas

    2017 Buick Auto light function (day vs. night)

    I've been having the same issue as well. I'd like to guess that the sensor is dumb lol. But in reality it is a 1st year model and those are usually the ones with the issues. That's my guess to the issue. Maybe it's a recall. I'd check with your local dealer to see what they say.
  17. David Lopez Vargas

    LED lights/headlight adjustments

    I would recommend to install HIDs if you have projectors because LEDs aren't great with projectors
  18. David Lopez Vargas

    I love my Encore

    Mine did really well in the snow. I was very impressed. "Adamcar" is right about the car getting a bit squirrelly due to the stock tires being crap lol. its good to learn how to drive the car on the stock tires so you can get a feel for the car especially in bad weather but once those tires need...
  19. David Lopez Vargas

    General Altimax 43rt Tires

    They are good All Season tires. I had them on my previous car and they did great. I'll be getting them for my Encore sometime next year. General is the sister brand to Continental and has gotten better reviews as well.
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