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  1. When Map/Navi Screen Does Not Load.

    Gotta say Im really happy with my GS but some of the "glitches" with the infotainment are just absurd. Similar as you describe, random things just decide not to work sometimes. On mine, the problems mostly revolve around the bluetooth connection to my iPhone XR. I purposely wanted a '20 thinking...
  2. Sixth Gen Regal GS Production Numbers

    No way it was that low. 5000 or so for the entire run I bet with mostly 18's out of that 5000. the 20 gs's are pretty rare
  3. Default to GS mode at start up

    Is there any way to enable the GS to start up in GS mode by default? I believe it may be possible with the Trifecta tune but I don't want to go that route just yet. I don't want to deal with warranty issues.
  4. I must be mental!

    When I first contacted my dealer I offered a small deposit and said "I can be there in 3 weeks". They told me they couldn't accommodate that in case another buyer came along. Instead, they tried to get me to do the deal remote and either hold it till I arrived in FL or deliver to MI for $800...
  5. Sportback Appreciation

    +1 for sportback appreciation I've had my GS for nearly 2 months now and I am very, very happy with it. I wish it had a bit more low end power as it feels kinda weak in certain situations. To be fair though, my last car was an ATS-v so most sub 400hp cars are going to be a bit of a letdown...
  6. I must be mental!

    As said before,, the used market is incredibly tight for Regals, they are few and far between. Hopefully it'll help resale. Luckily for us, GM built to demand and didn't over-produce to keep the lines running. Anyways, I may have you all beat. I flew from Mi to FL on a Friday morning, picked up...
  7. Demand for 18 Regal GS

    The funny thing is there are very few out there. I was watching the used market for 4 months after production ended in Germany for a GS and the pickings were slim. You’d think prices would be stable with that being the case. perhaps in a year or so after so, since so few are out there...
  8. For Sale Set of Cascada wheels

    PM sent!
  9. 2020 Regal GS - missing "Sport Pedals"

    So I went to the dealer to discuss the missing sport pedals and the incorrect shift knob on my GS and they basically said "no chance, go away" to correct either one. Their rationale was that since I am not the original owner (it was originally purchased 2/2020 and has 6.5k miles), they said the...
  10. 2020 Regal GS - missing "Sport Pedals"

    Hmmm on the order guide it says the Pedals, Sport ALLOY (JF5) are standard
  11. 2020 Regal GS - missing "Sport Pedals"

    Looks like this is pretty common! I noticed the 2020 I just picked up (6.5k miles) didn't have them included either. They also put the wrong (non-GS) shifter knob on mine. Each one individually I would probably let slide, but two items like this now is frustrating. Im gonna have to bug the...
  12. New Regal GS owner here - Couple ?'s

    Thanks a bunch for the video!
  13. Show us your best shot

    Just got 35% tint installed
  14. New Regal GS owner here - Couple ?'s

    Thanks I will check the SV4's out. Got a picture to share of them installed? Its really unfortunate the GS doesn't have the LED's standard. My last 3 cars all had them (2 Cadillacs and a Chevy) and they really make a difference IMO. Considering they were only a $495 option along with the...
  15. New Regal GS owner here - Couple ?'s

    Thanks, I went back and searched old threads and yeah I found plenty regarding replacement LED's. Looks like I have a lot to learn about all the options. I'm a little worried about replacing the stocks and winding up with something worse bc of a hack install job. I see you're in Metro Detroit...
  16. New Regal GS owner here - Couple ?'s

    Hey all so I just picked up a lightly used 2020 Regal GS (6.5k miles). With the limited inventory in the used market these days and new GS's no longer available, I decided to settle for the closest I could get in my preferred color of white. The only missing option is the all important...
  17. In the shop for a week, no fix in sight. Should have bought a Ford!

    My patience is being tested by GM. Last Monday the 29th I dropped of my car for a repair and it still isn't close to being resolved. I have a '12 GS 6MT and while cruising at highway speeds in 6th gear, if you step on the gas without downshifting, the car will shake for a few moments during...
  18. Radio defaults to random stations at start up

    Anyone else have a problem that when starting the car it will sometimes default to FM preset 1 vs going back to the last station you were listening to (usually sat radio). It's very annoying but I'm not sure if it's just a setting somewhere I can adjust and avoid a trip to the dealership.
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