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  1. Advice on buying 2011 Regal 2.4l

    I'm going to look at a 2011 Regal with 37000km. Should I be concerned about anything. What is the reliability like on these cars? Any 2011 owners have any comments? Would you buy again? I don't want a troublesome car. Thanks.
  2. Front struts

    Can anybody confirm that the p/n is the same for left and right side. I want to buy a pair online but they only show one p/n. 2007 Allure
  3. Throttlebody clean/relearn procedure

    Can anybody tell me if there is a relearn procedure after you clean the throttle body. I removed it yesterday, cleaned and reinstalled. Car is now in Reduced Power Mode. Runs but not very good. Have a couple codes which I cleared, P0120 and P1516 but they keep coming back. I went and got a used...
  4. Heater core flush?

    Problem solved. Thanks.
  5. Driver's is door is locked, won't open

    So the door won't open from inside or outside. If I could get it open then I could take the panel off and see what's up. Anybody know how to get the door open? Has anybody else had this problem? Seems to be common based on a google search I did this morning. Car is 2007.
  6. UIM/LIM gasket change

    Yes I know this subject has been discussed before but I have a question. I haven't seen anybody mention needing any special tools. One of my buddies did the gasket change on his 3.8 Grand Prix and told me I'd need to get a special tool for disconnecting the fuel line at some point on the top of...
  7. Wheel bearing change

    So, it looks like I need to change the front left wheel bearing on my 2007 Allure (Lacrosse). Does anybody know what the torque is for the big nut in the center? Thanks.
  8. TPMS and aftermarket wheels?

    I want to buy a set of wheels I saw on Kijiji. Will the sensors from the OEM wheels fit other wheels? Does anybody know if this is a straight forward swap? In other words are the valve stem holes the same diameter on the OEM vs aftermarket. Edit, should have mentioned that my wheels are chrome...
  9. TPMS sensor question

    Hi Guys, this is my first post in this forum. I've spent some time over on the LeSabre forum because my wife has a 2003 Celebration Edition LeSabre. I just bought a 2007 Allure (Lacrosse) in very good condition with relatively low miles. I have a question about the TPMS sensor in the wheels...
  10. Anti freeze leak

    I noticed yesterday there was a puddle under my wife's '03 LeSabre. Puddle wasn't there the day before. So I crawled under it and it's dripping anti freeze at a quick rate. From underneath I can't see where it's coming from and so I took the alternator off and still can't see where it's coming...
  11. Code P0137

    Thought I'd put this here. Today I was towing my boat trying to maintian 95km/hr up hill. So the go fast pedal was down quite far when the muffler blew a hole out the side. I knew the muffler was in bad shape from when I put the summer tires on in the spring, bad corrosion on it all over. Anyway...
  12. Climate control question

    On my wife's 2003 Limited, up until recently everytime we would select "Auto" the fan would blow on high speed. This was annoying 'cause it was loud and we would always select the fan speed to a slower setting. Now when we get in and select "Auto" the fan will run on low speed. I usually turn...
  13. Rear hub bearing change

    I'm going to change the rear wheel bearings on my wife's 2003 LeSabre. Was wondering what the torque is for the four attach bolts. Thanks.
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