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  1. Default to GS mode at start up

    Is there any way to enable the GS to start up in GS mode by default? I believe it may be possible with the Trifecta tune but I don't want to go that route just yet. I don't want to deal with warranty issues.
  2. New Regal GS owner here - Couple ?'s

    Hey all so I just picked up a lightly used 2020 Regal GS (6.5k miles). With the limited inventory in the used market these days and new GS's no longer available, I decided to settle for the closest I could get in my preferred color of white. The only missing option is the all important...
  3. In the shop for a week, no fix in sight. Should have bought a Ford!

    My patience is being tested by GM. Last Monday the 29th I dropped of my car for a repair and it still isn't close to being resolved. I have a '12 GS 6MT and while cruising at highway speeds in 6th gear, if you step on the gas without downshifting, the car will shake for a few moments during...
  4. Radio defaults to random stations at start up

    Anyone else have a problem that when starting the car it will sometimes default to FM preset 1 vs going back to the last station you were listening to (usually sat radio). It's very annoying but I'm not sure if it's just a setting somewhere I can adjust and avoid a trip to the dealership.
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