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  1. p0446 evap code? what is the common cause of this 2009 lacrosse

    My car had approx. 330,000kms or 200,000 miles. Engine and transmission still worked very well. Rest of the car not so much.
  2. p0446 evap code? what is the common cause of this 2009 lacrosse

    Can't really help you with the location of the lines, I don't have the car anymore and I changed that valve about three years ago. The hose going into the valve is about 0.5 inch. Perhaps you could disconnect it, slide a piece of garden hose on to the steel line and blow into it using your...
  3. p0446 evap code? what is the common cause of this 2009 lacrosse

    So my response on Nov. 6th didn't help. I think all the correct info was there, all you had to do is go to youtube and find a video on how to change the valve on a GM product since most of them have the vent valve in the same location. By the way the valve is up in the fender next to the rear...
  4. Where is the rear defroster relay? 2006 Allure/Lacross

    I had the rear defog fail last fall, I think seat heat went at the same time. There are relays on the right side of the dash if I remember right. . Open the passenger door and there will be a small panel. Just pull on it. Or in the fuse box under the hood. I started moving relays around when the...
  5. p0446 evap code? what is the common cause of this 2009 lacrosse

    If the check engine light is on the remote start will not work. You might also have a leak in one of your fuel pipes due to rust if you live in the rust belt.
  6. p0446 evap code? what is the common cause of this 2009 lacrosse

    The vent valve is a somewhat common failure on GM cars. I had to change mine on the 2007 Allure. There is a solenoid that operates the valve, the valve sticks even though the solenoid is still working. I had mine out, put voltage to it and could hear it clicking but air continued to go thru...
  7. Spark plugs - first-gen LaCrosse - has its original plugs and about to have them changed

    I changed mine at around 180,000km. Didn't have a problem. But the rear plugs are hard to get to, used a mirror to see what I was doing.
  8. Buick Allure 2008 driver door not latching

    As said, you can try lubricating the latch. I tried that on my drivers door but had no success. Passenger side was acting up a couple years ago and I lubed it, worked good. Also see this, Driver's is door is locked, won't open
  9. Door Locks Not Working

    Doesn't affect the power windows but you do have to unplug the wire harnesses from the door panel. Have a look at this thread, there is a few pictures I took years ago.
  10. Door Locks Not Working

    It's not hard to change the door latch. Most back yard mechanics should be able to do it. I can't remember what bit is used to remove the two screws that hold the latch to the door, think it's a torx. And 10mm socket and ratchet to get the door panel off. You'll have to remove the plastic liner...
  11. Low oil

    That's not low oil pressure. Just as it says, your oil could be low quantity.
  12. 2007---Good Deal or not

    Original post is 4 years old!!!! List price would be much less now.
  13. 07 Allure chugging uphill

    Look at item 6 of this FB post. My car was stumbling on hills. I cleaned the MAF sensor. It helped but didn't fix it completely. Drove for another 1.5 years and for some reason it slowly got better but didn't disappear completely...
  14. 07 Allure chugging uphill

    Could be MAF sensor. Try cleaning it.
  15. 2007 Buick Lacrosse CXL Wheel Bearing Bolt Torque Specs

    Front wheel hub mounting bolt torque spec
  16. 2008 Lacrosse very poor gas mileage

    Depends what trim level. CXL (3.8) and CXS (3.6). Wifes '03 Lesabre always got better mileage than my 3.8 Allure. Should have been very similiar given that cars had same engine and transmission, and were similiar in size and weight.
  17. 2007 Lacrosse CXL 22k mi, am I crazy to buy it ?

    $9000 is way too much for that car. Maybe 5k
  18. Driver side door stuck

    Driver's is door is locked, won't open
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