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  1. FS: 4 new oil filters

    Selling 4 new oil filters for the regal turbo engine. Not sure if these will fit the non turbo. $20 shipped. Please pm if interested.
  2. FS: Opel Airbag, Steering wheel, Opel center caps

    Looking to sell off a few Opel parts that were on my Regal. Please make offers...these have to go. Steering wheel is from an Opel Insignia and the buttons light up red, not blue. Wheel isn't perfect but works...see blemish in pic. Center caps should fit all wheels. 3 are near perfect, one...
  3. Another custom exhaust

    So...I decided to make this car have some sound. Cut exhaust just before y pipe and had straight pipes run to some new stainless tips. Here's some photos. sounds is very subtle...not loud at all. No drone. For all you non GS owners out there...I highly recommend doing something like this...I can...
  4. FS: 18" Factory Wheels & Tires

    Selling my factory set of 18" wheels and tires. No Shipping...pick up only. See ad here:
  5. Sunglasses Holder

    For those of you who search eBay you might have seen these. Well, I broke down and bought one some time ago. Plug and play in the regal...2 screws and takes 3 minutes to install. Made to hold your sunglasses and replaces the drivers side grab handle. Worth every penny. Here's an eBay link to a...
  6. Torque App - Real time engine management

    Not sure if anyone here has seen this yet or not. Found this application called Torque on my HTC Rezound Android phone in the android marketplace. Cost is a one time $4.95 for the download. This app will sync to an OBDII bluetooth dongle that can be purchased for about $20. What the heck..i'll...
  7. RPM's dropping

    Need some help. On cold starts, my regal turbo is experiencing inconsistent RPM's while stopped. This only happens while the car is warming up...once up to temp, it doesnt happpen. At a stoplight, the RPM's will drop below 500 like the car is going to stall, then it catches itself and is fine...
  8. Buick HID headlight ballasts needed

    I picked up a pair of the upgraded projector headlights for my regal and need to buy a pair of factory ballasts to hook them up. General motors part number 13278005. Anyone out there have any connections at the dealership? The best I can get them for so far is $180.00. Any help is appreciated.
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