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  1. Lowered GS..... finally! I'm back in contact with him. I'm trying to figure out if he can talk H&R into making a front spring for us that would offer a 50mm drop. If not he confirmed another set of V-Maxx's that offer a 45mm drop in both the front and the back. H&R makes these springs to order (for our...
  2. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Hey bro...remember how Graeme was saying that H&R makes these springs to order? I wonder if they could make some 50mm+ springs just for the front. The front needs another inch or so IMO.
  3. Lowered GS..... finally!

    There appears to be two other kits that would work on our cars, both made by V-Maxx. One offers a 45/40mm drop & the other a 40/40mm drop. I doubt anyone would be wiling to trade off their 45 or 40mm front springs for my 30mm's. What I'm going to have to do is get confirmation from VX...
  4. Lowered GS..... finally! it's 3 fingers in the front & 1 finger in the rear. So, like I was saying... A 45-50mm drop in the front and a 35-40mm drop in the rear would be what I personally would shoot for to get that real aggressive stance that I think we're all shooting for. Really...I'd even be happy...
  5. Lowered GS..... finally!

    I wish that were true...
  6. Lowered GS..... finally!

    There's another set on there that's for a 40mm drop in both the front & rear (also made by V-Maxx). I didn't look at the specs on them really since my main interest was in the ones I posted. Here's the thing...with the springs that most of us have...30mm is sufficient in the rear (35mm-40mm...
  7. Lowered GS..... finally!

    The 30mm drop does help quite a bit but it still didn't sit like I want it to. I'm looking for that little bit of tuck. I'm thinking, like I mentioned before, that a good 45-50mm drop in the front and a 35-40mm drop in the rear would be ideal to really get this car sitting like it should have...
  8. Lowered GS..... finally!

    How much different can springs really be? There's a lot of hype behind Eibach & H&R right? V-Maxx is probably more of an up and coming company with less brand recognition - but I could be wrong, who knows. I know one thing though. Our car needs a 45-50mm drop in the front and a 35-40mm drop in...
  9. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Yeah man that's who we all got ours from...
  10. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Guys...check it out. I believe these are new. I contacted Graeme to ask if either of these would work on our GS's. If either of them will work I'm snagging a set. The 30mm drop just isn't cutting it for me...
  11. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Contact them and ask...they're more than helpful.
  12. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Agreed. I almost went with those too :banghead:.
  13. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Nice...thnx Graeme :cool:!
  14. Lowered GS..... finally!

    What I think is cool is that we all flew up the bird to Eibach and found a loop hole!
  15. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Nope. I should of bought a GS and I'm glad I did. I had the stock 19's on my car before I put my new 20's on there and it came with 40 series on there. The difference in the sidewall is miniscule but it would help fill in the little bit of wheel gap leftover after the drop. It's riding a little...
  16. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Guys...I recommend going with the springs we're running and going with a 40 series tire. Lowering obviously makes for a stiffer ride and the bigger tire will not only help fill in any residual gap but also offer a softer ride.
  17. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Could you post some close ups of your wheel gap? I'm curious to see the difference. I can't really tell from the pics you posted...
  18. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Yeah we're all running the same springs...some of us maybe running the -5's and some of us be running the -1's in which there is practically no difference whatsoever except one is rated to carry an additional 5lbs or something like that. This is as low as it gets. We looked into cutting a little...
  19. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Yeah...I think we provided links for where we got them from in some of the previous pages if you go back. Thnx!
  20. Lowered GS..... finally!

    Well just keep in mind it'll take about a month to get them once you put your order in. They make them to order since they're not in high demand.
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