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  1. HVAC smell

    Anyone notice a musty smell in the AC after turning it off and leaving the blower on? Yes I've replaced the cabin filter, and the car is not dirty, 2019 15k miles. Is GM using some kind of cleaning solution to deal with this in other cars? I do not want a dealer removing the dash and hvac...
  2. Wiring diagrams needed

    Hey all, I have a project going on with en engine from an 03 park ave with a supercharger. I need complete engine, trans and HVAC wiring diagrams. Anyone have links or something?
  3. Another broken radio

    So I had mentioned on 2 trips to the dealer previous the radio needs to be updated. The firmware is original, and it's got all the typical issues outlined in the bulletin. They still didnt do the usb update. They did some other radio update but I couldn't tell you what they did, I couldn't...
  4. How to blow your ears out in your tourx

    Drive at least 50 to 55 mph and roll down the back windows only. Holy bageezez....I know lots of cars do this now but I've never felt one like this'd aware the widows are gonna pop out. Mark
  5. Infotainment update and the dealership

    I hate dealers, I've worked at em before, I'm a master tech of 20 19 tourx has radio software 21.1 in it. We all know they are on 22.9. Dropped the car off last week for an oil change (it was free) and a software update to the radio. My car won't OTA the update, the bulletin makes...
  6. Buying a new tourx out of state and Into california

    So, haven't been to a Cali dealer yet. But most dealers around socal don't have a tourx optioned the way i want one. Out of state however they are all over the place. But I've noticed the FE9 federal emission cert. I'm curious as to any out of state guys with that rpo code if your underhood...
  7. 01' 3800 low power issues

    Heyo, new to the forum...but not new to cars...anywho, ill get right to it Dads car, 2001 regal GS 3800 N/A. 101k miles, started it the other day, said it started up weird, kinda hard to start and had low power. I got in it and it felt like it was running lean. Much worse when cold. Fuel...
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