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  1. adam728

    1997 LeSabre pre-bent brake lines?

    Anyplace out there to get pre-bent hard lines for a 97 LeSabre? I've been looking, but haven't run across anything at the usual places (Classic tube and Inline tube). Made new rear lines myself a few months ago as one rotted thru. Yesterday one of the lines coming out of the ABS module popped...
  2. adam728

    A different cabin heat problem

    Does not appear to be blend door or blend door actuator. Anyone ever have issue with the interior temp sensors? Here's the background: 1997 LeSabre with dual zone climate control Has lots and lots of heat, if set to 90F Drop setting to 85F and the inside temp drops significantly, like maybe...
  3. adam728

    1997 load level sensor

    Where can I find one of these? I'll start at the junk yard, but that's not happening today. Otherwise on-line searching has turned up nil. eBay, Rock Auto, Google searches,, etc. Relay for the load leveling suspension is constantly clicking on/off over any sort of bump or when...
  4. adam728

    Strange fuel pressure issue

    Ok, here comes a mouthful 1997 LeSabre Hard starts, takes a good amount of cranking when cold before it fires, then runs rough for 2-20 seconds, occasionally stalling. Once it smooths out the car runs fine, smooth, no hesitation, plenty of passing power, etc. This has been going on a few years...
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