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  1. Excessive Brake Pad & Rotor Wear

    Based on searching, I'm thinking I might be experiencing a one off here, but I figured I'd make a thread about it anyway. Has anyone else experienced ridiculous wear on the Brembos on their 2012 GS? My car has 22,000 miles, is used for every day driving around the DFW metroplex, a small road...
  2. Anyone hard wired a radar detector?

    My new Passport 9500ix arrived today, so the next step is to hardwire it. Just curious if anyone has done that to their Regal yet so I can steal your idea. ;)
  3. My GS started spamming me!!!

    Yesterday while I was driving around in my GS, randomly the radio was interrupted with an audible spam about my useless, free OnStar service expiring. I was pretty upset about getting spammed by my car, but I kinda dismissed it, thinking it was a one time thing. Today, as my fiancé and I...
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