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  1. Stock 19's ?

    Hey guys... What would you value the stock 19's at? With tires that had 9k miles on them. I was thinking about getting rid of three of mine if anyone wanted any of them individually to use as spares. I'm not sure if I like the idea of not having a spare in my trunk I don't know about you...
  2. Eibach needs a tester...anyone live in SoCal?

    Sup guys... I just got off the phone with Eibach...again. It was the third time I have called. They are moving forward with production of springs for our GS's but they need a tester. Does anyone live around Corona, CA that could step up to the plate; you get free springs and install out of it...
  3. *Poll* To have GM fix the "back" feature on the music player !!!

    Now, I made mention to this in another thread...but wanted to run a poll on this so that the Buick Customer Rep can pass the results along to GM and hopefully we can get a software update to fix this issue. The issue being; that when you're listening to a particular artist off of your iPod and...
  4. 20" Niche Essence for my GS

    Thinking about these wheels...they will clear the calipers on my 2012 Smoke Grey GS. The recommended tire size is 245/35/20. I was just seeing what you guys thought. I also am going to want to drop it an inch when some springs come out.
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