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  1. Odd interior sounds

    Make an appointment with the dealer service department
  2. Burning Crayon Smell

    Have no idea what a burning crayon smells like? Have you checked all fluid levels?
  3. Extended warranty

    I always thought those numbers are the total warranty they are not added to the original, so 2 years is puzzling.
  4. 2014 Lacrosse rain water in trunk?

    Do the back seats fold down so you can see the trunk while a water hose is used to find the leak?
  5. Built-In Navigation and Ferries

    Infotainment Manual, page 24, route preferences, what does it show for ferries?
  6. Remanufactured vs. new

    Then rebuilt.
  7. Body Control Module (BCM) Replacement or Repair

    How are you going to determine if anything needs resoldering versus a burnt out resistor, capacitor, etc.?
  8. Remanufactured vs. new

    Depends on who did the remanufacturing and what kind of warranty. What parts store?
  9. IntelliLink Volume Problem

    Have they checked for software updates? Have you done a reset to factory settings?
  10. Passenger side wheel

    Possible rear bearing assuming the brakes are correctly adjusted.
  11. Buick Regal GS Upgrades

    See if has anything else
  12. I messed this one up.

    The black rubber bushings with the bolt is the end link.
  13. I messed this one up.

    Doubtful, the front end would plow, you should have the car checked by a shop.
  14. Cascada convertible top care

    Anything mentioned in owners manual?
  15. I messed this one up.

    It's not a ball joint. The front sway bar end link is missing.
  16. Buick century sleeper build

    There are no economical performance upgrades for the 3.1 and the 3.8 is too wide, 60 degree versus 90 degree block.
  17. 1996 buick century engine swap?

    Look at sites such as Summit Racing and Jegs Performance and dont be surprised if you dont find anything because you picked the wrong car to make easy/common modifications.
  18. Buick Regal GS Upgrades

    Have you already made sure it's up to date on normal maintenance, plugs, filters, fluids? How many miles on the car?
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