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  1. For Sale 20" GS Rims, tire, center caps, and TPMS

    For Sale: Set of 4 20" GS wheels with OEM Pirellis (~7k miles), TPMS, and center caps - $1600.00 + shipping (from NM). Will include TPMS reset tool Set of OEM GS mats, used less than 200 miles - $50 + shipping (from NM) Tan sunglasses holder that fits in the driver side grab handle spot, easily...
  2. Android auto and Waze

    Make sure you don't have power save activated on your phone. Waze will freeze if you do.
  3. My 2017 GS AWD

    Picked up my new 2017 GS AWD. Fully loaded. CRT now means Crimson Red Tintcoat, darker in tone than before. Already pulled the 20s off for the expected snowfall tonight and tomorrow.
  4. Transmission issue

    Noticed a spot in my driveway after pulling into the garage. Smelled something burning. Open the hood and see a wet mess behind the radiator. Victory Chev-Buick tells me that one the transmission cooler hoses failed at the fitting. Rubber failed. Couple days to get parts, got a 16 Malibu for a...
  5. 2016 Observation and idea

    Was at the dealer to have my door handle fixed and there was a 16 AWD GS on the floor. Standard equipment includes adaptive HID headlamps. Did not mention bi-xenon. Gonna see if I can retro them to my 14. If the motors and controllers are integral, it might work.
  6. Road rager

    Dude on a motor cycle was squatting in the left lane and did like it when I passed him. At the off ramp he jumps in front, slams on his brakes and wants to have a discussion. I am in no mood to talk with and proceed to go around. He punched my car with the following result. $800 to have fixed...
  7. 2015 question

    Okay, I saw a certified 15 GS AWD at the local dealer and it had the turbo badge instead of the GS badge. Pictures on line show GS. 15 GS owners please chime in.
  8. Good news for Buick and Regal That is, if you put faith in Consumers Reports.
  9. I miss the scroll wheel on the console...

    I miss the scroll wheel on the console and really dislike having a hole left there. Been trying to find something that it is useful for. No way am I going to use it for change, silly folks are looking for a reason to break into cars, no use flashing a load of cash;) Well, I did find something...
  10. Buick Racedays

    Found this on Facebook a bit ago.!/pages/Norwalk-Buick-Raceday/262987831157 Track time on Friday and show on Saturday. Too bad that I didnt find it earlier. Not for me, no way I put my car on the track with only 2300 miles, but some of the others might have ideas...
  11. Relief

    Finally got a coat of wax on it. Never gone this long after purchasing without waxing.
  12. Feminine

    Was told that my GS was too feminine and too German. German I can see, but feminine? Missing something here.:blink:
  13. What the...??

    Last week had two people tell me that they liked the new car. It was actually 5 but only two said this: so how do you like the new Verano? WTF? I don't think the two look anything alike. Especially a GS! But the silver lining... Buicks are getting second, third and fourth looks.
  14. Driving Nannies

    14 GS with Driver Confidence Packs 1 and 2. Have played with the Adaptive cruise once so far (weather is not conducive to using cruise much these days) and I think I can get to like it. Auto Collision Prep with emergency braking -- this is a whole nother issue. Indicator was green (car in...
  15. Drove a 14 GS

    Man was it hard to find one to drive. Finally located two FWD and one AWD in southern ohio. Drove the FWD. Wasn't able to notice any seat of the pants btwn 13 and 14. Now the interiors... the big reconfigurable display in the 14 is NICE. Still does not read boost pressure, but you can see what...
  16. Kudos to GS

    A few quotes from the Jan R&T "... because the GS is a Buick unlike any other: It's at home in the curves." "That means the nimble sedan behaves predictably, one of the reasons the staff has been universally comfortable hammering on it." "To call the GS the most satisfying Buick in...
  17. Just returned from Germany...

    And saw 59 Insignia wagons and 3 sedans. And I need to get the Split 5 spoke wheels. They look sharp on the car.
  18. Did a couple of searches...

    Okay, I did a couple of searches for option and paint codes. No luck. Where is the number plate located on these cars? Not in the glove box, not on the radiator bulkhead, and not next to the tire sticker on driver side door frame.
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