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  1. I have a gremilin

    My first car was a 77 AMC but not a Gremlin rather a Hornet. Ugly tan thing but did the job. Easy to work
  2. Self leveling system PA91

    When my rear shocks were blown the compressor was kicking on all the time refilling the shocks. Soon as I replaced them the compressor never comes on much at all. I jacked the car up high a few weeks ago and it came on for a few seconds.
  3. It is fixed?

    My 93 PA after 7 months seems to be fixed. I took out the wiring harness to the crankcase position sensor and the camshaft position sensor. Cleaned it up and fixed it. Put the Super Charger bolts back in and tightened them. Refilled with synthetic 5W 30 as GM said you could do that on series 1...
  4. Why change my oil? Hear me out.

    Classic car zinc oil? What brand?
  5. Why change my oil? Hear me out.

    If you were puttin If you were putting in a full quart every 500 miles I would only change the filter every 6 months or 5? I would change the full oil and filter at 5000 with conventional. The 3000 or 3 months whichever comes first is a long gone slogan. The least expensive Fram is to be...
  6. Another Park Ave

    I have never had oil burning or leaks in my 93 PA. Coolant leaks? That is a totally different issue. Water pumps radiator caps loose thermostat housing that little by pass hose...too many! SC oil leaking too...but just retightened that and now dry.
  7. Another Park Ave

    I have driven a few Like 2001 to 2004 Lesabre cars and I did not think the ride was a comfy as in my 93 PA. The Lesabre was a harder firmer ride or maybe my leather seat helps make a difference. Both are decent vehicles I think. Battery under the rear seat on the Lesabre...
  8. My 93 PA SC.....

    Pictures....I started it up yesterday and drove it for 28 minutes. The SC belt engine squeal was gone from start up? Odd really. It threw no SES codes. It is fixed or is teasing me cause I test drove a Corolla and Malibu yesterday?
  9. 2001 LeSabre Limited Rear Air Suspension

    It is a little air compressor in my 93 PA. When the rear struts are blown air escapes and hence you hear that compressor coming on and off trying to keep the struts filled with air. You hear it moreso as the leaks get worse. I replaced the struts about 20 months ago and the compressor hardly...
  10. Bucking/Jerking/Misfire at Highway Speeds

    Buy 3 new ignition coils, 6 NKG spark plugs and a new wire set Amazon or Rock Auto and I would bet your problem is solved. There is a way to test your ignition coils but I am not sure how. My car had your same symptoms 2 years ago. A shop changed one coil and 6 wires....problem solved. Only did...
  11. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    The bummer is that I could not reach it....I might try from the top of the engine but I doubt it could be done however I have changed the O2 sensor from on top.
  12. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    Are all those copper colored threads supposed to becshowing or should it be totally screwed in flush the round part to the engine block? If so why is that out??
  13. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    Totally correct! I tried at least to get that harness off the sensor connector 24. I could not pry it off. The sensor is located behind another idler pulley not shown in the picture. I was able to disconnect the other 2 25 23 22? One connector had copper wire showing. I had to remove the tire...
  14. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    I cannot believe the automakers simply use split loom and some basic electrical tape at the connectors on these wires. They have to know oil grease ps fluid coolant is going to get on the wires. A little better engineering might help? You are just a single tiny broken wire from being stranded...
  15. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    I meant to say no codes thrown for now. So the knock sensor only screws in so far? You can see the copper colored lubricant or is this loose somehow? LOL
  16. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    Yes I saw engine is L I think and the sensor is in the back below the alternator I think in the block? I found it I believe. See the pictures. So I had to jack the car up and remove the passenger front tire. The sensor basically is behind the lower idler pulley on the 93 PA SC. Two...
  17. Century, Regal vs Lacrosse? Early model Lacrosse?

    350k? Excellent! Mostly highway miles? 3.9 engine?
  18. Where is the knock sensor located on my 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

    I believe you! The Chilton guide for L engine diagram shows it in the back of the engine I think below the alternator. Down in there. Thanks!
  19. Would like quick struts but….

    Mine is a 93 PA and changing the whole front assembly is really quite easy. Lots of youtube videos showing how to do it! The back is a little more difficult I thought. Of course your year could be different? I did buy the whole strut assembly on Amazon and got the cheapos. Bad move. Buy a mid...
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