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  1. FS: ZZP Down Pipe and ZZP Intake - 2011-2013 Regal GS

    Hello. I am selling my ZZP Intake for 2011-2013 Buick Regal (compatible with both GS and Turbo trim) and my ZZP non-catted downpipe for the GS. They are in perfect condition as both the intake and downpipe have been on the car for less than 100 miles. I don't have pictures yet but will try to...
  2. No Lift Shift - TCS On or Off?

    Hello. I never really tried the no lift shift feature before in my Regal GS until today. It did not work and the car immediately went to redline. I read in the 2010 Cobalt SS manual that the ECS (electronic stability control) has to be on for this to work. So does that mean that in the Regal...
  3. Service Suspension System?

    Hello. I have a 2012 GS. Yesterday, while driving I got a Service Suspension System message pop up. Nothing seemed wrong and as far as I can tell from a visual inspection nothing is wrong. Car still drives straight as far as I can tell and the GS and Sport buttons function normally. Anyone...
  4. Performance Tires Cracking in Cold - Regal GS with 20's Affected
  5. If Only GM Brought This Version of the Buick Regal GS to the US

    Oh if only:
  6. Anyone Running An E47 Tune? Or Other Ethanol Tune?

    Hello. I just recently moved to another part of the country where e85 is available. I am contemplating contacting Trifecta performance to see if they have an e47 tune available for the GS. Is anyone running this type of tune in their GS? Anyone running e85 or any other ethanol tunes?
  7. How Fast Have You Gone

    Not advocating speeding or doing anything dangerous but how fast have you gotten your GS up to? I might have gotten my '12 GS up to 136 mph and it was still pulling hard. I think I had excellent power as the outside temp at the time was 38 F.
  8. Neat Glove Box Feature

    Hello. Anyone else notice some neat features of the glove box? In my 2012 GS, it has 6 slots for coins (I put quarters in mine), a clip to hold a pen or pencil, and a molded area to fit a Mini Maglite (AAA) flashlight. Not really a big deal but pretty cool nonetheless.
  9. Brake Pad TSB Questions

    Hello. I dropped my 2012 Regal GS at my dealership service department today (God help me) to have the TSB done to replace the factory performance brake pads with the less dust and less noise brake pads. I had a couple of questions. For those that have had this done, have you noticed a...
  10. Werks Downpipe - Worth It or Not?

    Hello. I am thinking about getting the Werks downpipe with cat for my 2012 Regal GS but I am not sure. Is it worth it? Do you notice or feel a difference in power? Are there any other benefits? I have a Trifecta tune and you can definitely feel the difference. Thanks.
  11. Pics of My New 2012 Regal GS

    Hello. Just wanted so share some pictures of my new 2012 Regal GS. I wasn't looking to by a new car but things just fell into place and I was able to get a really good deal on this Carbon Grey 2012 Regal GS. The dealership that had it had not been able to sell it. They said young people saw...
  12. Splash Guards for GS

    Hello. I just purchased a 2012 Regal GS 3 days ago. So far, I am loving the car. But I am looking for a good set of splash guards. It seems the GM does not make a direct fit guard for the GS so I am looking for recommendations on a brand or type of splash guard for my GS. Any help would be...
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