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  1. JoeBlog

    Intermittent Steering Shaft 06 Lacrosse

    My 06 Pontiac G6 had the same issue. I got one from along with new sway bar links. Haven’t heard any noises or felt anything loose since. The sway bar links were part of the sound I was hearing. Have you checked them?
  2. JoeBlog

    AC get hot when I stop

    It sounds like a low refrigerant charge. Get that checked; there may be a small enough leak that it’s losing refrigerant at a slow rate. I’d recommend getting a DIY recharge can from an auto parts store, but in inexperienced hands, that can do more damage than good. It’s worth the money spent if...
  3. JoeBlog

    First wash and wax

    Mine is black (okay...Ebony Twilight Metallic) and when I clean it, the wind picks up and it ends up with a brown dusty film all over it. Only then do the flocks of geese living in a nearby lake do a flyover. It's AFTER all that when the rain comes.
  4. JoeBlog

    Servicing car, dealership or local mechanics?

    My Tourx is still under warranty, and it has a lifetime warranty after the factory one goes away. I plan on doing the stuff we all do in our garages, but anything that requires a huge investment in diagnostic equipment goes to the dealership.
  5. JoeBlog

    ContiSilent or something else?

    With the number of people who have these tires complaining about foam separation imbalance issues, when my Contis need replacement, I’m going as far away from that brand as possible. And I’ve got less than 10K on mine now.
  6. JoeBlog

    Service Lights Won't Shut Off and Lights Won't Work

    Sounds like the symptoms of a weak battery. Just because it’ll start doesn’t mean it’ll keep everything running. If your battery voltage reading is in the 14+ volt range with the engine running, you should get the dealer to check it out. 14+ volts usually means the battery isn’t handling things...
  7. JoeBlog

    Aftermarket display for Oil Temp, Trans temp?

    Look on White Automotive webpage. There are several here who bought theirs from them and are quite happy with it.
  8. JoeBlog

    Going into sick bay

    I’m glad it was resolved for you. I’ll keep the TSB info for future reference. Thank you!
  9. JoeBlog

    Going into sick bay

    Update: there was no leak. They cleaned the engine when they gave it back to me a month or so ago, and when they looked at things yesterday, there was no fluorescent dye visible under UV light. The SA suggested that the oil seen at the start of all this was drops/spills from the previous oil...
  10. JoeBlog

    Going into sick bay

    Today, I dropped the car off back at the dealer. I’d put the requisite miles on it, so they wanted a day or few to do a thorough examination. The first time I dropped it off, I got a new Encore as a loaner. The low inventory due to chip shortages is evident in what they gave me today; a Chevy...
  11. JoeBlog

    A four million dollar car?

    You’ll need this to go with it, and I think you need an appointment to find out the price
  12. JoeBlog

    A four million dollar car?

    Don’t forget about dealer prep charges!
  13. JoeBlog

    Auto Dimming Rear View - Does it actually work?

    I was followed by a MB tonite. Didn’t have any issues at all. My DD doesn’t have auto dimming, and the difference is quite noticeable.
  14. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    At one time, I thought I had the dreaded rear hatch leak, and the moisture from it was causing the fogginess. After tearing things apart and finding nothing out of sorts, I gave up and began using the AC and turning off recirc. First car I’ve ever had that was this tempermental about climate...
  15. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    I haven’t tried that either, but it’s weird trying to figure out why this car is so susceptible to fogging. I thought about my other, past cars, and can’t come up with a memory where I had to have a particular climate setting to be effective. With the weather improving for the immediate minute...
  16. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    I’m not worried about rodents while I’m driving; my TourX can outrun anything they’ve got under their hood. It’s forgetting to put it back in recirc when I park it for the day. I’ve never had a car that was so sensitive to cold humidity before. I’ll learn to adjust my habits now that I know. And...
  17. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    I didn’t have the A/C on, mostly because I don’t need that arrangement in my other car, so I’m not used to doing it. I’ll try doing that. Also, I keep the recirc on because I’ve read it’s a way to keep rodents from becoming accustomed to living in your car without permission. Not sure if...
  18. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    It snowed here last night, and the temp dropped to, well, freezing. I was out running errands, and I had my defroster (only) set to 80 with the fan on about halfway. I began to notice my windows fogging up, first the edges of the windshield, then the side windows. It did this during the cold...
  19. JoeBlog

    Long term (6 month) battery charger use

    I have a NOCO Genius battery tender that I keep the battery in my 1967 Wildcat charged with. It’s been on it nonstop for literally years without a single issue.
  20. JoeBlog

    1953 Buick Special I want to buy

    There’s always a solution, but there’s not always an affordable solution. When my 67 Wildcat had pump issues, and all I could find (at that time) were questionable quality units, I installed an inline electric fuel pump. It’s been working so well I hardly think about it anymore
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