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  1. JoeBlog

    Foggy windows

    It snowed here last night, and the temp dropped to, well, freezing. I was out running errands, and I had my defroster (only) set to 80 with the fan on about halfway. I began to notice my windows fogging up, first the edges of the windshield, then the side windows. It did this during the cold...
  2. JoeBlog

    Going into sick bay

    Went in for a normal, everyday oil change today (8888 miles/24 months of ownership). Service advisor comes over with the invoice and says he needs my car back this week (he couldn’t take it today; they were down a tech). Seems there’s a leak on the back of the engine, but not from the cam cover...
  3. JoeBlog

    Chance encounter

    Today, I left work, and drove my TourX to it’s Tuesday car wash. That usually gets me home later than usual, but today I took a different route home due to traffic. That turned out to be a cool decision. I was slowing down to turn left onto my street, and at the stop sign, waiting to turn, was a...
  4. JoeBlog

    For the record, FCA WORKS!!!

    Today I was driving on a bypass highway, doing 60-65ish. There were signs indicating the right lane was ending due to construction, so people began populating the left lane. I did, and got behind a plumbers van. On his right, a senior citizen of the blue haired variety, driving a white Cadillac...
  5. JoeBlog

    Me and my R/C

    This is my reward to myself for getting well enough that I no longer need routine chemo (for now). It’s a 1/10 scale, 4 wheel drive R/C car that I was able to score an Insignia Sports Tourer body for. Since nobody makes a Buick body, I went back to the roots of the TourX; no cladding, and I can...
  6. JoeBlog

    This is too coincidental

    From a German car maker, for the 2020 model year, we have the following vehicle up for consideration: 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA35 Shooting Brake revealed — The Car Connection
  7. JoeBlog

    Interesting read...

    I was on looking in my account for some info, and under “Driving and Performance”, this article is listed. It does NOT say “if equipped” anywhere in it, so I’m taking it to mean it’s on all of ‘em. Someone know about this? Here’s a screenshot:
  8. JoeBlog

    Another Joe Blo joins the board

    Hello everyone, My name is Joe, and I'm addicted to classic Buicks. I only have two, since it's the most my garage will hold. A 67 Wildcat convertible and a 68 Riviera GS. The Riv is my current project, and I've been sourcing pieces for it since the day I got it (it was abandoned at several...
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