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  1. 24" Rim

    I agree…a 24 inch rim, or even a 22 inch rim is very bad for suspension, ride, etc….
  2. 95 Roadmaster heated seats not working

    The heating wire panel under the upholstery has broken wires and need replacement…If your seats need to be re-upholstered then that would be an ideal time to replace those heater panels….I know about this because my seat heaters quit working and I checked with the upholstery shop…
  3. What color antifreeze is ok for '93 Roadmaster.

    Dexcool is the recommended brand….Keep flushing your cooling system until it clears up….
  4. 1996 Buick roadmaster wagon parts needed.

    Maybe a junkyard…also, a cover from an Impala or Caprice may be the same….regarding color, some spray paint might work….good luck!
  5. Belt tensioner..? rare like a unicorn..?`

    Easy fix and not all that expensive!….good luck!
  6. Seat belt warning light does not turn on

    I’ve never been aware of a seat belt bulb light….so never missed it on my 1996 Roadmaster…
  7. 1995 Roadmaster Sedan suddenly dies on freeway at 40 or so MPH

    If you do replace the Optispark, don’t be tempted to use one of the cheap after-market units from Advance Auto, Auto-Zone, etc….these units will fail and then you’ll have all the time and labor to repeat. Get the MSD unit which is pricey but is an excellent replacement for the no-longer-...
  8. 1995 Roadmaster Sedan suddenly dies on freeway at 40 or so MPH

    How many miles on vehicle? Has Optispark ever been replaced?….
  9. Stopping in to say hi

    When you replace the Optispark, go ahead and bite the bullet for the MSD uni
  10. Spark Plug Wires install

    While you’re in there consider a new Optispark….MSD makes a darn good replacement, but a bit pricey$$$…..
  11. Spark Plug Wires install

    He probably dropped the plug on the floor and it landed on that ground electrode, bending it…..easy enough to re-gap to .050 inch…..
  12. Stopping in to say hi

    They’re really good, fun cars and fairly easy to work on!
  13. Belt tensioner..? rare like a unicorn..?`

    Yep,that Amazon fan looks just like the one they added to my car… I got my mechanic to install it and wire it up….just doubt my skills on this would be lacking. I have a great mechanic and he has to feed his family too…so it’s no problem to pay him for his time and expertise…
  14. Belt tensioner..? rare like a unicorn..?`

    If your car has the trailer towing package then it probably already has an electric fan on the right side of radiator facing the engine in addition to the belt driven fan(at least mine did).the added fan is just about like that one, only sitting next to it on the left side facing the...
  15. Belt tensioner..? rare like a unicorn..?`

    I went through this about 3 or 4 years ago and my mechanic just replaced the entire belt driven fan, tensioner, belt, etc. with a very nice electric fan attached to the back of radiator….works like a charm!….The other advantages to the electric fan is it’s quieter, better gas mileage, frees up...
  16. 1991 Roadmaster heater/ac low air flow

    May be a problem with the air operated mix doors under the dashboard….they tend to give trouble after so many years and spare parts can be a challenge to find. May need to remove the dash to get at the problem…
  17. I've got a 1993 Buick Roadmaster Limited that I want to upgrade whats the first thing to start with?

    A set of air shocks on the rear would be good….run the air line to an air valve behind the rear license plate so you can add or release air according to your needs….replace other suspension parts as needed….check steering gear box, pitman arm, ball joints, etc., etc.
  18. Nobody don’t got no roadmaster base edition

    Maybe some parts from a 1992 Impala would fit?
  19. replacement ECM (or ECU?) for my '95 Wagon

    Maybe you just have a bad Optispark?.....MSD makes a great replacement unit for about $800....
  20. Concours Roadmaster

    I'm in Florida this week for the Amelia Island Concours car show and yesterday right in the middle of the field of Ferarris, Deusenburgs, Packards, etc., was a big white Buick Roadmaster Stationwagon....about a 1994 model.....made me feel good and proud of my Roadmaster that I drive everyday!.....
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