abs problem

  1. Cruise Control, Not workin - ABS problem preventing? Light on cruise switch stays on.

    First, the problem with the cruise control. It doesn't work. This is a 2004 LeSabre that I just bought, so I don't know the history. The On/Off switch on the steering wheel seems to latch okay, but the yellow "ON" indicator light (on the switch) is lit all the time, no matter which position...
  2. 95 Roadmaster Estate Wagon ABS Light on

    The ABS light recently came on after I did some front end work like outer tie rod ends and such. I cleaned both front sensors and checked their resistance with a multimeter and found they worked correctly even when tweaking the cable to check the wire and can't find out what's going wrong. It...
  3. Brake issue on 1999 Century

    I recently became the owner of a 1999 Buick Century Limited equipped with ABS brakes. A few days ago I noticed that the BRAKE light on the dashboard (the one which goes out after you release the parking brake) was staying on after I released the parking brake and started driving. I have not...
  4. Mr.Biggs

    I have an 02 century that the antilock and traction off lights come on at the same time.had it scanned and was told the right front sensor was reading erratic.replaced hub assy and still have the same code.HELP