buick riviera

  1. katherine15

    1998 Riviera stalls at low speeds (highway speeds no issues)

    Hi all, I've run into another issue with my 98 supercharged riviera. At low speeds, usually anything under 50 km/h the engine stalls and loses power. The battery and oil pressure light come on, but it starts right back up and goes away. No check engine light comes on either, so I realize this...
  2. no overdrive or ac when at operating temp please help!!

    I just bought a 95 riviera supercharged with 130k from a older gentleman about 2 weeks ago. Took it for a test drive and all was good. But after driving it for about 30 min it wont shift overdrive anymore and the ac stops. The compressor wont even kick on. It runs at 200 and never any warmer.I...
  3. 98 Riviera Dash Instruments niggles

    I recently had my old 98 Riv totaled by my ins co. Found another, same color, year etc. It has a few niggles. Temp Guage was working, and afeter a couple weeks several things happened. The Gear selector indicator in the speedo pod shows 7 leds lit under the PRND321 indicator. Saw a blog on...
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