1. Laces_Out

    2.0L T LTG (14+) exhaust questions.

    As the title says i have a couple of questions about the exhaust for my motor. I’m wondering how much research has been done on the flow of the exhaust and where the restrictions are. I know replacing the exhaust is obviously the best way but I’m wondering if there are restrictions before that...
  2. Cat back exhaust

    Hi, I have a 2013 regal gs and I’m looking to put a cat back exhaust on my car. I’m looking for a sounds that is deep and mean and can pop when downshifting through gears. Does anyone have any recommends on what kind to get?
  3. Exhaust Problem 1968 Electra

    I have a 1968 Buick Electra with a fairly new exhaust system. After 20 minutes of driving the inside of the car as well as my hair and clothing smells of exhaust smoke. I also get a bit of a headache. I’ve taken the car to several mechanics and they can’t find any major exhaust leaks. There is a...
  4. TysBuickGS

    Cat back exhaust suggestions

    Have a 2012 gs looking in cat back exhaust I’ve always been a lil biased towards magnaflow for 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder cars. What are your guys thoughts? Does anybody have this set up? Also would it be better to do headers and down pipe first or cat back? Thank you
  5. Should I upgrade to a dual exhaust?

    I need to replace the exhaust on my 66 Skylark convertible (Widlcat 350). It came with single exhaust, but my mechanic says we can/should get a dual. I talked to sales at Waldron and they say this might require replacing one manifold. If that is the case, I will stick with single. Anybody out...
  6. 2003 Buick Century power loss

    Hello all. I have a 2003 buick century with 67000 miles. At idle when i give it gas it just coughs and lately it has been losing power when driving. the other day the motor just cut off on the highway. I started it and started reving on its own the sputtered off. now it cranks but just sputters...
  7. Can we get a thread for exhaust videos?

    I'm interested in hearing exhaust drive by videos. I'm particularly interested in hearing how muffler delete sound driving by
  8. Newbie exhaust question

    Ok, so i'm looking at my exhaust. probably going to replace next year. Question though, why are there 2 mufflers per side on my 1996 RMS. one very large muffler in the middle and one small right before the tailpipe? can i remove the one right before the tailpipe? will that hurt anything...
  9. Thick grey cloud from exhaust! Help!

    Hello thanks for reading. I need help with my 98 Buick century v6 3.1 engine approximately 150xxx miles on her. First off, i had the inevitable lower intake gasket leak.. I had a friend replace it for me but he did a horrible job to say the least(he didn't torque anything!) When starting the...
  10. New 13 Regal T owner...Any engine mod and exterior?

    just got a 13 Regal T, want to upgrade. had 2.0T optima with a $1,000's in engine upgrades, but traded for this due to blowing motor...:headbang: can't find much about this with google. thanks in advance
  11. 05 Lesabre Custom Exhaust

    Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade my exhaust on my 2005 Lesabre Custom to be a little throatier and to let out a few more horses, but I dont know what i should use. I dont wanna throw on a glaspack and sound like crap, but I dont want to have the same super quiet ride Buick owners have come to...
  12. My 94 Buick Roadmaster

    I recently purchased a 94 RMS with 61,000 miles on it. I put a new exhaust system on and now the engine shakes when I accelerate around 55 MPH, and I'm burning a 1/2 tank of gas driving a distance of 72 miles. The car had been sitting for a while according to the seller so I did a tune-up...
  13. Need Help 2000 Century

    I have a 2000 Buick Century 3.1 V6. I need to replace my catalytic converter but ive been searching around the web and it seems that gm knows they have weak converters and have offered an extended 10yr/120,000 mile warranty. Has anybody heard of this extended warranty and if so does it cover my...
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