1. Verano Turbo - K&N Typhoon Air Intake

    K&N finally made an air intake for the '14-'16 Verano Turbo, K&N 69-4536TS. I just installed it on my '13, replacing the stock airbox and K&N drop-in filter. Sounds very aggressive, pretty loud outside and even on the inside, much louder than expected. Sounds almost lika a vacuum cleaner haha...
  2. K&N 69-4532TTK Air Intake with flex fuel question and additional sensor??

    I have a 2011 Buick Regal 2.0L Turbo CXL Flex. The only problems I'm having are the alcohol sensor (Flex) on the firewall is in the way and has to be moved over for the pipe to fit. ZZP has a bracket to relocate the sensor (shift it over to the left a couple inches), but the K&N does not. K&N...
  3. K&N Air Filter 2012 Buick Regal GS

    I am looking to swap out the OEM Air Filter for the K&N Air Filter from wierz11 My Question is has anyone done it?? Any downside to replacing the OEM Air filter. I did a search on the forums, but all I came back with was cone filters or K&N on the 2014 models. Thanks
  4. K&N Filter

    I ordered it and it arrived before I had my GS. I waited to install it because I wanted to see if I could notice a difference. I installed it last night and after driving the car this morning to work I can say I notice a slight improvement in throttle response and acceleration. I also notice...
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