1. ryan909

    2003 Brake lines

    One of my metal brake lines rusted and leaked out. How hard is it to change it myself and whats involved? Should I do all?
  2. ryan909

    2003 Buick LaSabre

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the group. Name is Ryan, from Ft. Wayne, IN. So I bought an '03 LaSabre for $2250 last week. Pretty clean for it's age. :cool:
  3. Heavy Duty motor mounts???

    I need to know if there is a heavy duty option for motor mounts for my ‘03. I have replaced them so many times, I don’t even care to remember. Now my husband drives the old boy to work and is less than delicate so here we go again. Can anyone suggest a heavy duty solution to this continuing problem?
  4. 2002 Buick LaSabre Suspension question

    Hi, I have a 2002 Buick LaSabre and I want to know what kind of suspension system it has. Is it Struts in front shocks in back or all 4 struts? I'm reading about "air ride" shocks in this Buick. is this a special kind of shock or strut? I'm new to this please help.
  5. 2003 LeSabre 3.8 engine races at start up, idles at 1500, and accelerates on its own.

    I pulled off the Throttle body first to clean and inspect it. Upon removal it was apparent that there was serious gum-up in the upper and lower intake manifold. Removed, cleaned and reinstalled the upper and lower intake manifold and the Throttle body. Issue persisted with no change. Replaced...
  6. Dashboard Back light not working!!!!!

    I have tried to search for this problem but didn't find anything. I installed and aftermarket radio and in order to run the Mic line, I had to remove the dash cluster. After successful installation of the radio, I re-installed the dash cluster. All the gauges and indicator light work but I don't...
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