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  1. Hi everyone! Help about intellink

    Im new here and happy to join the community . Dunno where to post but im a 2 day owner of a 2015 regal turbo and just came back from dealer and ive been told that i cant add Andoird Car or anything else on my dash. Is there a solution to get around this? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. 2012 Buick Regal T 2.0 after market parts

    Hey y'all mike here just finally got on the site this is my 2nd regal I've owned and this 2012 regal t is a mother lover I can't seem to find parts for it and or ne one els around my area who works on them beside the dealer ship lol so if ne one can help point me in the right direction and or...
  3. Entry luxury comparison

    Not a bad showing for the Regal Turbo in entry luxury comparison
  4. IPF Tuning for Buick GS

    Hello all! Just wanted to introduce our company here. We are IPF Tuning, we specialize in late model GM Tuning specifically with Direct Injection, forced induction and smaller displacement engines as our primary focus. Our engineers are based in Germany where many of these engines were...
  5. Buick Regal/Lacrosse Rims

    Hey all. I am selling my 19 inch Buick Lacrosse/Regal Turbo Rims. I had them on for 341 miles until I traded it in on Friday the 13th. Any takers? I am letting them go for $1000, and $100 shipping. I would prefer a local pickup, but hey, I want to get rid of them. Let me know!!!! Thx
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