roof rack

  1. Leaking roof rails 2018 Encore

    I have I recently discovered water leaking into my back seat. The dealership looked at it and said my roof had warped/dented and was causing a space between the roof and the roof rails. They were unable to do anything about it and referred me to a body shop to (1) remove roof rail, (2) pull out...
  2. JohnMC2010

    For Sale Selling: (2011-2017 Buick Regal) Rhino Rack RS 2500 Vortex Crossbars for naked roof

    I am selling them on at this link: eBay I am also willing to talk on price, as I've honestly been having a hard time selling these on eBay. I got rid of my 2014 Regal Turbo to buy the new 2018 Regal TourX. This roof rack was used for 2 years, and served me well. Rhino Rack also sells very...
  3. Cross Rail

    Hello Everyone! I just bought my 2010 Buick Enclave, and was looking for the cross rails for the luggage rack. Only thing is, I noticed that it is a solid side rail, and all the the cross rails that I am finding connect by going around. The only one I can find that will work with the solid rail...
  4. is there any 1series Kit from Thule fit for Lacrosse and the roof racks whistle a lot

    Hi, Nice to find and join this buick forum. I actually lives in China and is Chinese. And it do take me a lot effort to post here. ^ ^ I have bought my Lacrosse 2013, 2.4L, 3 years ago. Now, I'm planning to install roof racks to carry two bikes and one box(not at the same time). I like riding...
  5. Encore bike rack

    Hi, Has anyone purchased the Encore cross rails for the roof rack and the bike rack which attaches to it? Was wondering the quality and ease of use. 2013 Encore Premium AWD Ruby Red
  6. '94 - 96 RMW parts For Sale

    load of my RMW '96 parts for sale on Craigslist REDUCED 20% to Buick Forum members. Mention this post. Will be moving soon and need to pass these parts on to other Buick owners.
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