1. One Speaker Not Working Park Avenue

    I was at my breaking point. The driver door component speaker not working was pushing me to edge. It had disrupted my equilibrium. I set out to fix it and called upon the parts cannon. New factory headunit, new factory amp (Concert Sound III), new speakers all the way around. Consulted the...
  2. New Owner - Darkmoon Blue Essence, sunroof delete - Audio Thread - USB Hub

    Hi everyone, Just joined today as I am a proud owner of a 2018 TourX Essence. I formerly had a 2016 Outback Base model and before that a 2003 Audi allroad (A6, 2.7T). I am happy to answer any of your questions. First order of business, I added a USB hub in the armrest cavity connected to the...
  3. Questions about speakers (Concert Sound II)

    A few months back I had installed Kicker speakers in the front and back. I had originally unplugged the tweeters that come in the stock system, thinking I would no longer need them. Fast forward to today, I wanted to hook the tweeters back up for better vocals. Neither of them worked, and they...
  4. 2015 GS Sound System

    I've had my 2015 Regal GS for almost 2 months.....just love it (last car was a 2013 ATS). Only thing I question is the sound system.....bass is very weak compared to most any car I've had (or my wife has had) in the last 10 truly does not sound like a premium sound system. Is...
  5. 2004 LeSabre dash noise? Errrrrrrrrrring

    Are there any motors in the dash on drivers side that can cause a medium pitched errrrrrrring sound that comes and goes and changes loudness a little? Sound stops when volts drop for a second. If so, how can one pinpoint the source? Many thanks!!! Tom from Texas
  6. Sound System Issue

    Hi guys, I just bought a new 2011 Regal Turbo with the T07 package. I notice a problem with my stereo system. When playing some songs, the volume would fade softer and louder. Is anyone else having the same problem??
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