1. Waldo1967

    Getting better sound with my OEM infotainment system

    My 2018 Sportback Preferred II comes without the upgraded Bose Audio System. While I don't expect it to sound as good as the Bose, I was wondering if there were any upgrades to get a clearer (not necessarily louder) sound quality. Would upgrading the speakers or perhaps an amplifier make any...
  2. 96americanluxury

    2020 Regal Sportback Arrived!

    As confirmation that there are in fact 2020 Regals on the ground or in shipment, my 2020 Regal Sportback Essence Dark Moon Blue, DC I and II, no sunroof and no S&S, arrived at the dealership on Friday, December 27th! I am lucky enough to have been able to track it every step of the way from...

    TRIFECTA presents: 2018--Present Buick Regal Sportback / Avenir / TourX Performance Calibration!

    TRIFECTA: We are proud to announce that 6th generation Regal Sportback, Avenir, and TourX 2.0T calibrations are now available! Highlights: -2.0L gains: up to +48 ft-lbs torque, +49 horsepower (peak gains of up to 43 ft-lbs torque, +42 horsepower) -Transmission recalibration without removing...
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