1. 2011BamaBuick

    2011 lacrosse cxs amp install!

    Where is the best place to run 0 gauge wire back to the trunk for an amp? Will it fit in any channels under interior panels or do I have to run it down the frame under the car?
  2. 2005 lesabre sub and amp installation

    Hey just trying to figure out how to install subs and amp into the girlfriends 2005 lesabre. I've done sub and amps on other cars with an aftermarket head unit. And on my Lucerne with the stock head unit. I just don't know how it works with the different setup with the plugs coming out when you...
  3. 2000 LeSabre - installing subwoofers and a new stereo

    I have a stock stereo in my 2000 LeSabre. I have heard I will need a new stereo for the subs. If I need a new stereo, I have seen I will need a new wiring harness as well. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. squeaky seat back solution - 10in subs+ amp

    First off, any one heard of hooking up subs and amp to a 2004 LeSabre Custom stock stereo console? And if that is indeed impossible, how much work is it to replace with aftermarket parts. I'm basically trying to bump on a stock radio/cd/cassette on 2004 LeSabre so I can't notice this freaking...
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