1. Jack GS

    Get to Know Your 2018+ Regal: New Model Features Service Bulletin

    Service Bulletin, 17-NA-376: 2018 Buick Regal New Model Features, is a special bulletin to introduce the 2018+ Regal GS, Sportback, and TourX models. The purpose of this bulletin is to help the Service Department Personnel become familiar with some of the vehicle’s new features and capabilities...
  2. danzig997

    For Sale Buick Regal TourX Roof Rack Rail Luggage Carrier-Luggage Rack GM OEM 39142966

    The part is not "like OEM", it is the Genuine OEM part sold by the vehicle manufacturer. PAIR - 2018-2020 Buick TourX Genuine GM Roof Rack Cross Rail Package. $230 with FREE Standard Shipping GM part number 39142966 Genuine GM parts Includes two original keys. Comes with all mounting hardware...
  3. IamNabil

    Ham radio install

    Hey folks. I just had my ham radio installed in my car, and wanted to share how it worked out. In short, I am mostly pleased with the install. I had a local company do the install, which is my usual MO, because if a hole is going through my sheetmetal, someone with some expertise will be...
  4. kbdillard

    2020 Buick badge removed from lift gate.

    I have a 2020 TourX and just noticed that the drivers side Buick badge on the lift gate is missing. Mine just has the dealer logo. All other TourX I've seen say Buick on the lift gate. Was this removed for the 2020 year? I prefer it not being there. Just curious.

    TRIFECTA presents: 2018--Present Buick Regal Sportback / Avenir / TourX Performance Calibration!

    TRIFECTA: We are proud to announce that 6th generation Regal Sportback, Avenir, and TourX 2.0T calibrations are now available! Highlights: -2.0L gains: up to +48 ft-lbs torque, +49 horsepower (peak gains of up to 43 ft-lbs torque, +42 horsepower) -Transmission recalibration without removing...
  6. Wireless Charging

    One of the items I thought I gave up with buying a 2018 TourX instead of a 2019 was wireless charging with my iPhone XS. iPhone 8, iPhone X Wireless Charging Feature Only Works With A Few 2018 And Newer GM Models But, I ran across this article today that seems to imply a $60 part and 10...
  7. I Removed the Plastic Cladding Trim on the Tourx

    I have the side skirts on the way and I plan on buying the bumper too
  8. JohnMC2010

    TourX Mudflaps?

    Hey everyone - I was wondering if anyone has made or purchased mudflaps for their TourX? I live on a dirt road, and it seems like after every time i wash the car, it rains! Anyhow, if there is any car that looks good with mudflaps, I figure this would be one of them!
  9. Insignia Sports Tourer gsi Parts

    Does anyone know where to buy bumpers and other exterior parts for the Sports Tourer or if they fit on the Regal Tourx
  10. kmingis

    Jumped on a Regal TourX

    Hi folks: Just wanted to say hello, since I'm new to this forum (and despite many cars over the last three decades) new to Buick. I just today picked up a TourX (Essence model, loaded, in White Frost Tricot). Wow, what a great ride!!! I lurked for a short while here before buying to learn as...
  11. TourX "is neither designed nor intended to tow a trailer”

    I was ready to buy a loaded 2018 Smoked Pearl Metallic TourX Essence at my local Buick dealer last week when, browsing through the Owner's Manual, I read the following statement on pg. 258 in the section titled Trailer Towing: “The vehicle is neither designed nor intended to tow a trailer.” I...
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