1. Wheel Recommendations

    I have a beige/gold 1993 Buick Lesabre. I was thinking smoothie wheels would look good on it what do you guys think. What wheels do you guys personally use on yours?
  2. David Lopez Vargas

    Painted Calipers

    I painted them with High Heat Engine paint (Gold) and they came out amazing.
  3. 98 buick regal gs wheels and tires for drag racing

    im looking for wheels and tire size that will fit with min rubbing. im just using these for racing but has to be DOT legal. im having a hard time finding how wide and how tall will work for my application. tell me what wheels/tires you use for racing.
  4. Wheels for my Buick LeSabre 1968

    Hey guys! What sized wheels and tires are you recommending to an 1968 buick LeSabre? At the moment it is rolling on 100 % stock, and im looking for some new look. Nothing to big or showing off though, just something that bring a little bit of new look. Thanks :)
  5. New wheels on the 2015 Regal Turbo color matched to car

    just thought i'd share a couple of pics of my new wheels on the Regal im new to the site and this is actually my first post only had the car for a couple of months now and really hated the 18" stock wheels it had. Tires are Nexen N'fera 245/40r20 wheels are Avarus by Savini
  6. All Tires loosing Air pressure

    All Tires loosing Air pressure - have been since I got the car new Dealer has looked at the tires/Rims and says they can not find anything wrong with them They reset the system and the Tech put 40PSI in each tire - I called the service department about that mistake I didn't let the air out to...
  7. Odd Clicking Noise When Slowing Down at Low Speeds

    Hey Guys, It's sort of a non-issue, but there is a distinct knocking noise that sounds like it's coming from the passenger side wheel well. The noise becomes apparent to me when ever I am slowing down at low speeds. I assume it has something to do with the wheel assembly on the right hand side...
  8. For Sale, Want to Buy Thread

    I realize this is not the busiest section in the forum, but we still cannot have for sale threads all over the place. I don't want it to snow ball. So instead, please post any items you have for sale, or anything you want to buy in here. It will always be pinned at the top.
  9. New 13 Turbo Regal owner

    Just saying hi. Leased a 2013 Turbo Regal Prem 1 with a sunroof. Awesome car. Coming from a 2005 GTO that the ex got. I also have a 3/4 ton Avalanche (8.1 V8 and 4.10 axles)to tow my boat (gets 11 mpg...12 on the highway). So a 30 mpg highway car was needed. Even though it's leased I am...
  10. Roadmaster for Sale

    Hi friends, thanks for looking at my tread. I am proud to offer my beautiful 1995 Buick Roadmaster. Check it out and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Thanks you for looking, good luck and happy holidays to everyone! STUNNING 1995 BUICK ROADMASTER, EXCELLENT CONDITION, OVER $4000...
  11. Regal 2012 Center Cap Size

    Does anyone know the stock center cap size for the 18's that come on the regal turbo?
  12. FOR SALE: 18" stock wheels

    I just put a fresh set of 19" wheels on my T03 :) and don't really want the OEM 18" taking up room in my garage. :sad: Anyone interested in buying the set, all 4, can contact me directly. NO TPM sensors. They would make a good "winter wheel" set for someone. $300 plus shipping or free pickup in...
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