06 lucerne limp mode please help!!!


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Driving home from work today (40 miles) I was about 10 miles from home, cruise set at 76mph, rpm's about 2k, when suddenly my rpm's shot up over 4k, and the car lost power. I pulled over and it was able to run at about 10mph or so for almost a mile then it died. I tried to start it up about 3 times, but it died immediately after starting. I sat there about 15 minutes working out the details of my insurance coverage for towing, tried to start it again before calling for a tow, and sure enough it started. It idled roughly at about 1200 rpm, but I was in a dangerous spot so I tried to drive it. It sputtered and bucked until it got to about 30mph, then evened out and ran a bit rough but ok the rest of the way to town. I took it to an auto parts store and had them plug into it. The results were:
All b1,s1

Ect sensor below therm. reg. temp.

My coolant was low. I admit that. But as for the codes, what here would have caused what I think is limp mode, and stalling? A friend of mine has a lucerne too, and he says his gives him a 'reduced power' warning of some sort, I never got anything like that. Anyone have advice? Would an 02 sensor cause this?? Or is there something I am missing?
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