10- 13 Gen2 Lacrosse Blind spot sensor program


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My 2011 buick lacrosse side blind zone alert stop working, and "service side detection system" message shows up every time when starting the car. I found out the sensor modules at inner side of pump (one on each side of bumper) are bad. Since Car is long out of warranty. For obvious reason of cost, I went and got used sensor modules with same part#(20965291) from used part shop.

When going to the dealer to program, I was told that vin# in the used module does not match with my car. They cannot program it because VIN mismatches. Dealer did show me that their program software GDS2 only can reprogram the park assist module, but cannot write new Vin# to used SBZA sensor module. The pair of new modules and programming fee are about $900+ total. It was shocked and desperate.

Really look for help, did anyone go through this? Can the used blind zone sensor be reprogrammed after switching the car? How to reprogram and overwrite the Vin# in it?

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