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So I have a 2005 rendezvous cxl. Does not have factory radio when I got it. The entire wiring harness is complete. It has not been cut or chopped to pieces. My friend gave me a harness that came out of a gm truck. It is the exact harness I needed. It also has the two boxes with it as well. Both are AXXESS... One is gmos-04 (02-up OnStar harn w/chime/amp).... The other is AXXESS m00153494 and I believe it is for the steering wheel controls.

My issue is I cannot find a proper wiring harness for this vehicle. The only ones I can find have a single 32 pin connector. My harness has a 24 pin connector and an additional 12pin connector.

Does anyone have a diagram for the wiring harness I have ? Or am I missing something simple here? I am not new to stereo install, however I have never used these types of module boxes before. I'm sure I won't have any issues wiring everything up if I can figure out the correct wiring diagram..

Attached is a picture of what my factory radio harness looks like in my rendezvous


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So is your vehicle missing its harness? the one that would normally go into the factory radio? And do you have a convertor box? the AXXESS box?
I just wired my 06 rende up, and i bet you have the same as me. so ill post my part links and hopefully you can find what you need. ask more questions though, i can probably answer them all.

Wiring Harness : https://www.amazon.com/PAC-RP5-GM11-Replacement-Interface-Navigation/dp/B00DHUA9VA
Actually thats all i needed. But if you need more info, you can always visit Crutchfield.com and enter your car build and boom, tons of great info just for your vehicle. Crutchfield is really for any car audio needs, and i found all the parts i needed on crutchfield, but i ordered those parts on Amazon since it was cheaper and faster lol
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