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I created a text file that has the web addresses to ton of different Domestic And Foreign Transmission Repair Manuals. Every trans model on the list has its own URL so you can just copy it and paste into your browsers address bar and click the arrow. Or you can paste it into the Search Bar of your favorite search engine and then scroll through the results to find it. I did discover that some search engines will not find some of them so doing it from the address bar is a Bang Zoom way to go directly to the .pdf file to download it. It took a lot of work to compile the list but I did it so everyone can get the info and then spread it to other forums that people here might be members of, including those of other brands like Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota etc. because I know we aren't all Buick Car or No Car kind of people. Some maybe, but not all lol.

Posted In The Lounge/General Forum:

Actually, I Posted A Partial List Of The Text File Because:

It turns out the website has a 20,000 Character Limit for posts, so I deleted whole chunks of text until it would accept it. And for good measure I also Attached the original text file to the post so all you have to do is save the attachment and BAM, it is all there and pretty easy to share on other GM forums or Forums of Other Brands Etc.

So go download them it is less than 1 Gigabyte of hard drive space to get them ALL, which means most of them will fit on a regular old blank CDR disk. You know, in case your neighbor would like to have the library as well

Don't let the Chrysler stuff fool you, they are just listed Alphabetically so scroll on down, check it out and then save the attached file for the complete list

Also in the lounge is a Long list of OBDII Transmission codes and exact causes in a seperate post.
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