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19 Buick encore


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Hello everyone. I am suppose to be purchasing my 2019 Buick Encore Premier with the 1.4 Turbo Monday. I would like to know current owners (or people familiar with these vehicles)
Reviews and opinions on these. I currently own a 2017 Camry I bought used and found out it was a rental vehicle. So looking at a Buick Encore new. Are they good vehicles? Long lasting? Thanks everyone!

David Lopez Vargas

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Garfield, NJ
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2017 Buick Encore Essence AWD w/ 153hp
They're great cars. I feel like the 2019 is the perfected one lol. I have a 2017 Encore Essence AWD (with the 153hp engine) and the only issue I've had was with my radio catching the internet. Other than that it's a great car. My only suggestions is to make sure you have good tires on it because the factory Continentals aren't too great and make sure you use mid-grade fuel because with regular you will feel the car hesitant and sluggish.

Happy Hunting.


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2016 Encore Sport Touring
We have a 2016 that we bough a little over a year ago. 24k on when we bought it, now has just under 40k. It's been really nice. My wife loves it.

What's wrong with a former rental? Those vehicles get looked at pretty regularly. They are probably in better shape than many other used vehicles at the same age.
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